Revving Up for Chicagoland Speedway 2022: A Preview of the Excitement to Come

**Short answer chicagoland speedway 2022:** Chicagoland Speedway is set to host the NASCAR Cup Series race in July 2022, marking its return after a year’s pause due to COVID-19 pandemic. The track is famous for its high-banked turns and thrilling racing experience.

How Chicagoland Speedway 2022 is Shaping Up to be the Best Year Yet

Race fans, start your engines! Chicagoland Speedway is gearing up for an exciting 2022 season that promises to be the best year yet. From new developments and fan experiences to top-notch racing action, this iconic track in Joliet, Illinois is only getting better.

One of the most significant changes happening at Chicagoland Speedway next year is the return of NASCAR Cup Series racing after a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19. Fans can expect some heart-stopping competition as their favorite drivers take on the challenging oval layout with speeds reaching over 200 mph.

But it’s not just about exhilarating race action—Chicagoland Speedway has invested in multiple upgrades and facilities improvements that are sure to delight its ardent supporters. For starters, a brand-new state-of-the-art Victory Lane has been installed where race winners can celebrate their triumphant moment in style while interacting with fans from all around the world.

Additionally, if you’re into high-performance driving but do not own a racecar yourself, never fear because Chicagoland Speedway will introduce “Accelerate,” an exclusive program specifically tailored towards drivers who want to experience what it feels like behind the wheel of a powerful performance car safely – hitting higher-than-normal speeds under expert guidance through professional courses laid out throughout different parts of the stadium area designed especially for such sessions.

And let’s talk about foodies; we can’t leave you hanging either! If all these intense activities raise your appetite levels after cheering on your favorite driver(s), then get ready for more delectable treats than ever before. With unique menu items and special VIP packages catered directly from top chefs across Chicagoland-area restaurants, there’s no shortage when fueling themselves both physically or indulgently enough custom cocktails & drinks found exclusively within various sections found around turn-in barriers inside great regional foods!

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To sum things up: Whether you’re eagerly anticipating next summer’s mega-races or looking for an exciting day out, there’s something for everyone at Chicagoland Speedway in 2022. From thrilling racing action and state-of-the-art facilities to top-notch food offerings and unbeatable experiences only found within this one-of-a-kind venue that is well on its way to being the best year yet! Don’t wait any longer; get your tickets today and buckle up because it’s going to be one wild ride!

Step by Step: Planning Your Perfect Trip to Chicagoland Speedway 2022

As the racing season fast approaches, motor enthusiasts are gearing up for an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride at the renowned Chicagoland Speedway. Located in Joliet, Illinois, this state-of-the-art track facility is a haven for race fans looking to catch some high-octane action courtesy of NASCAR’s biggest names.

With plenty of attractions and events lined up throughout the 2022 racing season, it’s essential to know how to plan your trip effectively and enjoyably.

In this guide, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about planning your perfect trip down to every minute detail:

1) Choose Your Dates

First things first: You need to decide when you want to visit Chicagoland Speedway. NASCAR’s season lasts from February until November with multiple races set on different weekends. Some dates may be more appealing than others based on individual drivers’ performances or seasonal weather patterns.

Look through the track website calendar that showcases all upcoming scheduled activities and select a date suitable for your schedule preferences.

Furthermore, pay attention to qualifying periods as these usually precede major races during which time fans can come close-up with their favourite racecar stars.

2) Book Accommodation In Advance

Chicagoland Speedway borders large cities such as Chicago and Joliet hence expect significant competition amongst visitors looking for accommodation within its vicinity. It’s vital that you book rooms early enough so that nothing gets between you and watching exhilarating car-racing events live!

Make use of online platforms like or Airbnb(that offer home-sharing options), or alternatively contact hotels situated around Richton Park (10 minutes away from the venue). Doing so not only ensures reservation but also saves on costs associated with last-minute bookings which tend toward being steeply priced comparatively.

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3.) Decide On Transportation

Whether driving yourself or relying on public transport modes think ahead about transport arrangements relating specifically towards visiting the speedway location near Route 66 Racetrack site.

For visitors from out of town, hiring a vehicle is most recommended as it gives one the flexibility to stop and enjoy local attractions between races or after event outdoor activities.

Taxis and ride-sharing apps like Uber/Lyft are also readily available around Chicagoland Speedway for those who opt not drive themselves.

4.) Purchase Tickets Ahead Of Time

Getting tickets early on saves you both time and money alongside guaranteeing privileged access through priority lanes at the track gate entrances.

Chicagoland Speedway provides ticket accessing options at their website with discounted pre-order pricing versus day-of-event buying which incurs more cost strains eventually leaving your trip budget strained. Thus getting ahead without delay so that nothing will hold back attendance!

In conclusion, these four steps critical in streamlining planning visiting Chicagoland Speedway 2022 into fun-filled experience fanatics won’t forget any soon. Plan correctly, reserve bookings timely upfront seamless transportation means together with comfortable accommodation selections all account towards an incredible experience whether going solo or attending with friends/family alike!

Chicagoland Speedway 2022 FAQ: Answering Your Most Pressing Questions

The Chicagoland Speedway is one of the most exciting race tracks in the country, attracting thousands of car enthusiasts every year. However, with so many questions surrounding its upcoming 2022 season, it’s challenging to know where to start.

To help you out, we’ve answered some of your most pressing questions regarding the speedway and what to expect from its racing events next year.

When does the 2022 racing season begin?

While an official announcement has yet been made by the speedway as to when their 2022 season will kick-off; traditionally they had successive races on June.

What types of races are held at Chicagoland Speedway?

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Chicagoland Speedway hosts various types of auto racing events for both amateur and professional racers alike. NASCAR Cup Series is one such annual event that attracts a significant number of audiences each year along with other associated events like NASCAR Xfinity Series or ARCA Menards Series.

Additionally, there have also been talks about potential Indy Car races being hosted here in future years though nothing confirmed right now.

How can I buy tickets for Chicagoland Speedway’s events?

As per normal pre-covid times you could easily purchase tickets either via ticket booths stationed throughout Joliet area or even online through website (as seating capacity this past summer was reduced).

We anticipate that fans would return in full force as things gradually return back to typical operations post pandemic-era however it may remain advisable to visit their site frequently come Springtime leading up towards Racedayto stay informed about how best approach purchasing tix..

Are there any COVID-19 protocols that visitors should be aware of for attending Chicagoland Speedway’s 2022 Events?

It remains impossible at this point speculate exactly what operational restrictions racetracks might see once vaccines become more available , taking closer look based off last summer whereby although many safety precautions were implemented however ultimately fan attendance numbers ere limited.

That being said it’s always advised you check their website ahead of time leading up to event day next year for more specific details on any possible added safety protocols or restrictions well as the latest guidelines set forth by local health officials.

Can I bring my own food and beverages at Chicagoland Speedway?

An added bonus of going to a racetrack is that visitors often can carry in outside food and drinks inside (except alcohol which strictly prohibited) As per regular rules, sealed water bottles are allowed into facility. We still recommend verifying with track operators prior if they intend on revising existing rules or only allowing non-cash sale purchases per COVID-19 updated regulations.

What other types of activities are available at Chicagoland Speedway besides racing events?

Apart from the races there is plenty else present throughout the weekend’s festivities such as concerts & parties taking place both onsite also nearby main entrance sorta adjacent entertainment district where fans could pregame prior event enjoy post-event celebrations.
Other attractions include auto shows, family-friendly games and activities like adrenaline-pumping ride-alongs with professional

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