Discovering the Location of Charlotte Motor Speedway: A Guide for Racing Enthusiasts

Short answer where is charlotte motor speedway:

Charlotte Motor Speedway is located in Concord, North Carolina. It is a 1.5-mile (2.4 km) track that hosts various racing events such as NASCAR Cup Series and NHRA drag racing series.

How to Get to Charlotte Motor Speedway: Step-by-Step Directions

Charlotte Motor Speedway is one of the iconic racetracks of NASCAR, and if you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to see your favorite drivers battle on the track. But getting there can be quite challenging for visitors who are not familiar with the area. In this article, we’ll give you step-by-step directions on how to reach Charlotte Motor Speedway like a pro.

The first thing that will help you in your journey is having access to online maps such as Google Maps or Waze. These maps offer up-to-date traffic information from real-time user data and can even guide you through alternative routes depending on traffic density.

If coming from outside downtown Charlotte, Highway 85 offers easy highway access to Concord where the speedway is located. Once here I-77 N provides directness towards exit 49 for Bruton Smith Boulevard (U.S Route 29) which gives convenient speedy arrive at Intimidators stadium and Lot C parking lot entrances respectively

For those travelling through public transportation could depart Southern Railway Station railway station heading along Norfolk Southern tracks until reaching STEMedic simulator technology center finally turning onto Morehead St and taking Boone street all way down around five blocks taking left super sloped walkway over Uptown cycle track continuing west mile long path going up slight incline then continue walking past Attaboy brewery when arriving crossing McDowell Street seeing entrance no 7 pedestrian gate opening Sunday mornings only being closest way entering pit tending areas.

Free shuttle service known as “Shuttle America” operates every day during race week including Bank of America ROVAL™️400 weekend transporting individuals between driveway available Midday via Haas Avenue intersects across US Hwy block away from Rite Aid pharmacy making near perfect shuttle frequency while also offering guests additional insights into driving history around famous stops besides motor-speedway landmark

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While roads leading directly into the Speedways infield parking lots may get congested so earlier arrival or later departure may mitigate any delay, non-infield parking lot options and free shuttles provide alternative access options to speedway.

Regardless of your final choice a visit to the Charlotte Motor Speedway can be an awe-inspiring experience that truly captures the roar + excitement of NASCAR at its finest moments!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Finding Charlotte Motor Speedway

Are you a race enthusiast who is looking to attend an event at Charlotte Motor Speedway? Do you wish to know more about the history, location and amenities offered by this famous racetrack? Fear not because we have compiled a comprehensive guide with all the frequently asked questions that will provide you with everything you need to know.

What is Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Charlotte Motor Speedway, often shortened as CMS, is a world-renowned motorsports complex located in Concord, North Carolina. It opened its gates on June 19th, 1960 and has since been home to some of the most thrilling car races in NASCAR’s history. Additionally, it also hosts other popular events such as The Dirt Track at Charlotte and zMAX Dragway among others.

How do I get there?

The speedway is only ten miles from downtown Charlotte making it very accessible via air or road transportation. You can reach the facility by flying into either the Concord Regional Airport or Charlotte Douglas International Airport before grabbing your rental car or taking advantage of ride-sharing services available locally including Uber and Lyft. If driving yourself for example during peak hours it typically takes around twenty-five minutes from central Charlotte using major highways like Interstate-85s/Highway-29N.

What types of events are held at CMS?

Charlotte Motor Speedway has become synonymous with NASCAR due to hosting significant racing events such as Coca-Cola 600 – one fo teh biggest endurance motorsport events globally – , Bank of America Roval™400; however they regularly host dirt track competitions throughout each year which attracts large crowds seeking different experiences within racing culture..

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What special features does CMS offer fans attending races?

CMS offers multiple fan-friendly amenities across their three tracks which include High-definition video scoreboards Long-standing traditions unique concessions (including New Belgium Brewing Company several options), additional parking passes electric charging stations for those traveling within US., VIP Suites corporate hospitality plans where you’ll be guaranteed prime locations trackside atop towering stands in addition to other perks such as private restrooms, food and beverage service mini bars within each suite.

Can I tour the facility?

Yes! Charlotte Motor Speedway offers daily tours at affordable prices which include visiting key locations like Victory Lane and pit road. The track also houses memorabilia rooms dedicated to great moments involving NASCAR legends or local heroes who achieved victories while competing across all three tracks there.

Are there any concerns attending an event here?

Like with most large crowd events proper preparation is key. CMS has clear guidelines for its fans when it comes to bringing personal items into the venue as well checking for banned substances before entry gates open on race day so be sure check their rules section beforehand additional information required this year considering COVID-19 precautions that could affect timing budgeting agendas booking times etcetera..

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique racing experience full of traditions thrills excitement rich history amazing amenities and an overall sense of community spirit; then look no further than Charlotte Motor Speedway – whether alone or alongside other passionate motorsports enthusiasts alike!.

Discovering Charlotte Motor Speedway: A Comprehensive Location Overview

Charlotte Motor Speedway is a world-renowned racing facility located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. It has been hosting some of the most prestigious NASCAR and IndyCar races for more than five decades and recently underwent major renovations to better accommodate fans and racers alike.

As a comprehensive location overview, we will delve into the history, facilities, events held at Charlotte Motor Speedway as well as why it should be on every motorsport fan’s bucket list.

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The speedway first opened its doors in 1960; after two years of construction by owner Bruton Smith who decided to build what was then just a small dirt track around Tower Parking Lot Area (TPLA). Many race lovers have come to appreciate this initiative that started the growth of racing not only in North Carolina but throughout America. In the late ’80s through early’90s, an idea struck Mr. Smith when he thought it would be interesting to add another track – The Dirt Track @ CMS hence creating not one but three tracks within one vicinity!


Currently spanning across 2 miles with four turns & banks up to 24 degrees Charlotte Motor Speedway provides contemporary luxury suites offering views high above turn one! Additionally considered during renovation were broader concourses topped with added LED lighting making movement pleasurable both while entering or exiting your seat area especially significant during night events.


Being home base for Team Penske (Franklin), Roush Fenway Racing (Concord) Hendrick Motorsports (Cabarrus) Dale Earnhardt Inc./JR Motorsports/Wood Brothers Racing all under Richard Childress racing – made successful performances from their drivers common practice here such that these names are hallowed lore amongst motorsport enthusiasts globally!

Onward annually played out include signature game-changing competitions like Coca-Cola 600 alongside All-Star Race while producing unforgettable memories – many believe Tony Stewart’s final win lit up Path #17 bringing capacity crowds yelling out chants towards his retirement!

Why visit:

Charlotte Motor Speedway provides an experience worth cherishing for both NASCAR-lovers and those looking to add some adrenaline rush in their lives. With historical roots that will take you back where everything started being a major topic of discussion is compelling enough! Get first-ballot consultation on top race-winning setups from some of the best teams in Nascar, discover ways elements like weather can affect car stability as you converse with experts making up your hospitality team while cheering out loud way up north during competitions.

With all these points in mind- whether it’s just checking off your bucket list or newly found euphoria – Charlotte motor speedway promises nothing short of unforgettable memory-making opportunities!

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