The Truth About Speedway’s Big Gulp Price: Is It Worth the Cost?

Short answer speedway big gulp price:

The cost for a Big Gulp at Speedway varies depending on location and size. Prices typically range from $0.99 to $1.89 for the largest size. Customers can also earn rewards points when purchasing drinks with their Speedy Rewards card.

Step by Step Guide: Understanding and Calculating The Speedway Big Gulp Price

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the Speedway Big Gulp machine, unsure how to calculate the price? Fear not, for we have created a step-by-step guide to help you understand and calculate the cost.

Step 1: Choose your cup size
The first step in calculating the Speedway Big Gulp price is choosing your cup size. The available sizes are typically shown on or near the machine – they range from small (usually around 20 oz.) to extra-large (often as much as 64 oz.).

Step 2: Check for any specials
Next, take a look at whether there are any current specials on drinks. This may be advertised on a sign nearby or even displayed directly on the machine itself. For instance, most convenience stores offer deals like “Buy Two Get One Free” or “Half-price Refills.”

Step 3: Fill up with soda
Now comes time for filling your cup with delicious soda. Using one of our patented fountain machines that utilize compressed air and carbon dioxide cartridges creating bubbles through syrup injection – making every sip fizzy

Step 4: Calculate Price per Ounce
The final step is to calculate exactly how much each ounce of drink will cost you based on your chosen size.

To do this, divide the total cost by ounces in your chosen container:
Total Cost/Number of Ounces = Price Per Ounce
Price Per Gallon x .0078125 = Price Per Ounce

For Example if it’s $1.79 for an Extra Large Cup,
$1.79/128oz=0.014/Liquid Oz Or $2+ tax typically with $.01 behind decimal point when discount surcharge isn’t applied

Congratulations! You now know how to calculate the Speedway Big Gulp price like a pro! So next time when you feel parched while driving miles down road during summer heat or simply craving some refreshment; you’d know what to pay for that booster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Speedway Big Gulp Prices

As a frequent visitor to Speedway gas stations, you may have noticed that the prices for their Big Gulp drinks can vary. This has led to some confusion and many questions from customers about how the pricing works. In this blog post, we’ll be answering some of your frequently asked questions about Speedway Big Gulp prices.

Q: Why do the prices vary by location?
A: The prices for Speedway Big Gulps are set at each individual store’s discretion based on local factors such as competition and cost of living. Some stores may also offer promotions or discounts that affect the price.

Q: How much does a regular-sized Big Gulp typically cost?
A: Prices for regular-size (32 oz) Big Gulps usually range from $1.49-$1.79 depending on location.

Q: Are there any seasonal promotions or deals offered on Big Gulps?
A: Speedway occasionally offers seasonal flavors of its fountain drinks, including pumpkin spice during fall months and more holiday-inspired flavors in winter months. There may also be limited-time promotional deals available on certain drink sizes or flavor combinations throughout the year.

Q: Can I get refills with my purchase of a Big Gulp cup?
A: Yes! Customers who purchase a refillable cup at full price ($6-7 depending on size) qualify for free refills through December 31st of the current year.

Q: What if I only want a small amount in my big gulp? Can I pay less?
A: Unfortunately not; all sizes are priced equally regardless of how much liquid is actually put into them.

These were just some of our most frequently asked questions regarding Speedway’s pricing strategy for their beloved icy slurpee cups aka “Big GuIps”. With this knowledge , satisfy your cravings without worrying over inflated costs while refreshing under heat waves amidst filling up fuels whilst hitting road trips . Happy Drinking!

Comparing the Speedway Big Gulp Price to Other Convenience Store Beverages

Ah, the beloved convenience store beverage. Whether you’re on a road trip or just need a quick pick-me-up, grabbing a drink from your local corner store is often an easy choice. However, with so many options and varying prices, it can be challenging to know which one to choose- especially when it comes to oversized drinks like the Speedway Big Gulp.

Firstly, let’s dive into what exactly the Speedway Big Gulp is for those that may not be familiar. The Big Gulp is essentially an extra-large fountain drink offered at Speedway gas stations across the United States. It ranges in price by location but typically costs around .49 for 32 ounces of any available soda option.

So how does this stack up against other popular convenience store beverages? Firstly, we have to discuss its main competitor: 7-Eleven’s Slurpee. Slurpees are perhaps most famous for their distinctive texture and flavors; each cup is filled with colorful frozen puree that has patrons slurping away all summer long.

Like the Big Gulp, Slurpee pricing varies depending on region- but generally falls in between $1-$2 depending on size selected (ranging from regular-size cups to giant “Double Gulps”). However, due to its unique makeup as a slushy treat rather than solely carbonated water offering sugar high – directly competing with Coke brand EnduraPro™ Performance Fuel Energy Drink – makes it more comparable through sheer novelty factor alone.

Now we come down even further into differentiation territory where regional chain Wawa sometimes put out coffee shops only serving specific regiosn stands against Circle K whose soft drink deals are harder targeted earlier daytime hours along major bus routes throughout urban areas nation wide compete drastically differning time periods across larger markets nationwide make more sense during peak shopping times such as after work ends

But fear not- there are certainly some advantages unique either regarding offerings style choices available at these smaller chains that must be mentioned. For example, Cumberland Farms offers a coffee program with free refills (also depending on region) while other stores like Sheetz have expanded beyond the usual soda fountain offerings and offer milkshakes or frozen drinks for patrons to enjoy.

However, when it comes down to which store has truly captured the hearts of convenience store beverage lovers nationwide- it’s hard to compete with Speedway’s Big Gulp pricing strategy. At just $1.49 per 32 ounces of any available soda option- there is no doubt they are aiming directly at budget-conscious customers looking for options in bulk without compromising taste quality.

So next time you find yourself torn about what to grab as your mid-afternoon treat, remember that perhaps simplest can be best choice – choose value combined with carbonated water that always quenches thirsts enough: take comfort in knowing ol’ reliable Big Drink is waiting up & down highways all over–– taking regular gas station stops from mundane tasks into special moments in between destinations!

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