The Future of Fontana Speedway: What’s in Store for Racing Fans?

Short answer: What is going to happen to Fontana Speedway?

Fontana Speedway, also known as Auto Club Speedway, will continue to host NASCAR and other racing events. However, the speedway’s owner has announced plans to redevelop some of the property into a mixed-use entertainment district with retail stores, restaurants, and a hotel.

Understanding the Changes at Fontana Speedway: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a racing fan, chances are Fontana Speedway is something that you hold dear. The speedway has been around since the 1990s and has provided fans with countless hours of entertainment over the years. However, like everything in life, change is inevitable.

In recent years, there have been several changes made to the track’s layout at Fontana Speedway. These adjustments were implemented to offer drivers better opportunities for overtaking and to create more exciting races for fans in attendance or watching from afar.

So what exactly are these changes at Fontana Speedway? This step-by-step guide will help break down each aspect of the upgrade.

1. Banking

The first major adjustment was a change to the banking on turns one and two. Previously, the banking angle stood at just 14 degrees – making it difficult for drivers to pass through those sections without having their tires slip up towards the outside wall or even spin out altogether.
To address this issue and make passing easier on turns one and two (which often resulted in many crashes), officials decided to increase the banking angle by almost three times – now standing at an impressive 33 degrees!

2. Widening Turns

The team also widened both Turn One-and-Two thanks again aimed at giving drivers more space when going into those corners; hoping that allowing cars some extra room would decrease pile-ups as drivers battling reduced ground, reducing contact risks while allowing for balance control during high-speed moments.

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3.Reducing Length

Fontana Speedway’s (original) length was notoriously long– about two miles per lap! While most racers loved navigating such lengthy tracks given enough fuel conservation capacity unique only due excessive steering maneuverings- especially true during harrowing curves- some racecars struggled here because tire wear became so severe owing mainly due its size factoring excessively compared similar racing spots nationwide slower cars ran significantly worse than others that held pace well despite lower sponsor budgets resulting in inadequate upgrades meant to push underdog racers over the line.

To cater for cars with varying pace and skill levels, engineers altered both dimensions by reducing then lengthening turns, while elevating all key exit points allowing maximum speed output without diminishing handling control in any way. By streamlining Fontanas’ curves this stand-alone California complex has now reduced its lap distance from 2 miles down to just below 1mile long per circle completed- making it much less grueling than before (especially on newly outfitted antislip tire hardware).

4.Strategic Grooves

Lastly, another bonus, drivers are discovering overall better grip traction as new ‘strategic groves’ have been carved into the track’s surface – providing an additional mechanism to direct water drainage away from certain areas that had become accumulation points post heavy rainfall periods.
Overall these recent changes made at Fontana Speedway were implemented strategically and effectively created a significant improvement compared to previous years. These latest updates include everything necessary to create more exciting racing events where fans can enjoy watching their favorite drivers dazzle them on a fast-paced course designed specifically for

Fontana Speedway’s Transformation: FAQs Answered

The Fontana Speedway, located in Southern California, has recently undergone a major transformation and upgrade. Fans and racers alike have been eagerly waiting for these changes to take place as they are expected to enhance the overall experience of attending and participating in races at the speedway.

If you’re curious about what specific changes have taken place and how they’ll affect your experience, look no further! We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their respective answers below:

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Q: What was renovated/updated at the Fontana Speedway?
A: Quite a bit! The entire infield received an overhaul with new garages, fan zone areas, hospitality spaces, restrooms, and victory lane celebration locations. Additionally, there are now expanded grandstands surrounding turns one and two.

Q: Why were these renovations deemed necessary?
A: These upgrades were made with both fans’ enjoyment and racers’ safety in mind. The new fan zones will allow spectators to engage more deeply with the sport through interactive displays while larger garages mean team members can work on cars without hindrance or danger from crowds.

Q: Will these upgrades impact seating capacity?
A: No worries here – although there is now added space beneath the stands which may result in fewer temporary seating options being set up (as it won’t be needed), there’s plenty of additional stadium-style seats that afford unparalleled views of drivers vying for position down below!

Q: Has any part of the track itself changed?
A: No significant changes have been made to the actual racing surface nor its layout; though obviously lap time records could fall when drivers get used to using new garage-adjacent gravel run-off areas spurring them into higher gear amid challenging traffic patterns

In summary – race enthusiasts everywhere can look forward to experiencing everything beautiful SoCal motorsports has to offer thanks to these assorted alterations improving amenities onsite including improved FanFest activities throughout each weekend event & world-class restrooms together with a freshly renovated infield area. This is the perfect chance to witness racing at its best whilst being immersed in Fontana Speedway’s entirely revamped atmosphere! So why not grab your tickets now and come immerse yourself within this thrilling world-class new facility today?!

The Impact of Upcoming Developments on Fontana Speedway: A Comprehensive Overview

The Fontana Speedway has been a staple of Southern California motorsports since its opening in 1997. This multi-use facility not only hosts the NASCAR Cup Series and IndyCar races, but also offers driving experiences, go-kart racing, and even concerts. As the world continues to change at breakneck speed, so too does the entertainment industry – and Fontana Speedway is no exception.

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With several significant upcoming developments on the horizon, it’s essential to explore how these changes will impact this iconic venue.

First up: construction of an adjacent hotel. A 200-room Hyatt Place Hotel is set to open in early 2022 just steps away from the track’s entrance. What does this mean for racegoers? For one thing, convenient on-site lodging will likely entice more out-of-town visitors who might have otherwise opted for alternative accommodations further away from the circuit. Additionally, some fans may prefer to begin their activities at a nearby eatery or bar before or after attending an event; with dining options built-in right next door thanks to this new development, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities for pre- (or post-) event mingling.

Another recent addition that signals growth here at Fontana is the acquisition by International Speedway Corporation (ISC) – namely as part of parent company NASCAR through Dover Motorsports Group Inc.’s merger with ISC completed last year – which now oversees operations management responsibilities across fifteen venues nationwide including Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway.
As such we can expect improvements throughout site infrastructure & parking optimization; quality upgrades like fresh coat of paint around venue areas would ensure top-notch guest experience utilization along other innovative technology enhancements that enhance existing fan engagement initiatives.

Furthering technological advancements outside basic amenities afforded building updates mentioned above; things like automated lighting features around select sections seating locations within stands beyond yellow caution lights spanning straightaway following accidents & implementation FanVision wireless electronic devices greatly improving overall attendee immersion.

While many longstanding attractions at Fontana remain, it’s clear that the venue is progressing energetically into its future. From new hotel options to exciting technological upgrades and even a fresh ownership takeover – these upcoming investments will only improve upon this world-class entertainment destination further elevating an already heart-racing experience both on track but off it too!

As fans we can look forward with excitement to see what other developments are coming our way as well because, ultimately, change here just means more opportunities for us all to come together celebrate exhilaration provided by racing culture like never before!

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