Revving Up Your Finances: Banking at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Short answer banking at atlanta motor speedway:

Atlanta Motor Speedway has a high-banked quad-oval track layout, with turns banked at 24 degrees and the frontstretch at five degrees. This allows drivers to maintain higher speeds through the corners, providing more exciting racing action for fans.

A Step by Step Guide to Banking at Atlanta Motor Speedway: Everything You Need to Know

Banking at a motor speedway can be an exhilarating experience for any racing enthusiast. If you’re planning to attend an event at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, then you definitely want to know how to bank like a professional and fully immerse yourself in the excitement of NASCAR racing. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a step by step guide on everything you need to know about banking at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Step 1: Choose Your Tickets Wisely
The first and most important step is selecting your tickets wisely. Banking on races depends entirely on where you are seated within the stadium. You want to choose seats that offer the best angle of view for when the drivers come plunging down the banks, hooting into curves, and careening through turns.

One of those choices is camping, which offers unparalleled access and perspective of all events happening in the vicinity during race weekends. Stay tuned with their online ticket vendor’s website or social media platforms for updates.

Step 2: Arrive Early
When it comes to attending races like these, timing is everything! Get there early enough before all of the stands open up so that you can carefully scout out your seat in relation to how banking plays out on each lap. This will help ensure that every turn carries maximum impact; plus get your hands on refreshments so that they are nice and cold during the entire event.

Step 3: Make Yourself Comfortable
If you plan on staying for an extended period during race weekends, then we suggest bringing along chairs or inflatable cushions to rest between laps comfortably.

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Other valuable items include earplugs since high powered engines generating noise levels equalised as thunderclaps! Don’t risk hearing damage; pack some earplugs in your purse or kit beforehand always!

Step 4: Position Yourself Appropriately
Now that you have acquired suitable seating accommodations let’s move onto positioning yourself appropriately during races – especially when it comes down crashing to banking.

If you’re sitting on the higher side of Atlanta Motor Speedway’s stand, you’ll have an optimal view of all tracks taking place. Remember, NASCAR racing is exceptionally fast and in motion, so always keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming turns or curves.

Our pro tip would be to study how the cars bank through each turn by practising with famous video games like Forza or Gran Turismo. What this does is it sharpens your instincts towards real-life action and heightens adrenaline as well.

Step 5: Observe Bank Angles
Banking is what sets apart races from one another; different speedways cater differently to every key feature – handling high speeds at angles. At Atlanta Motor Speedway, turns one and two can cause even the most experienced drivers to lose traction as they barrel down towards Turn Three’s relatively flatter surface area.

It might benefit those who want subtle increase adrenaline pressures during races to consider the fifth-seat rows since these provide a better perspective on banking impact areas that go unnoticed otherwise!

And that’s how you bank like

Commonly Asked Questions about Banking at Atlanta Motor Speedway Answered

Are you planning to attend an event at Atlanta Motor Speedway (AMS)? Then, you might have some queries about the banking services available on-site. Here are answers to commonly asked questions about banking at AMS.

1. Is there an ATM at AMS?

Yes, there is an ATM located in the Fan Zone. You can find it next to the main Guest Services booth and across from P.J.’s Coffee.

2. Can I cash my personal check at AMS?

No, AMS does not offer check cashing services to its guests. It’s better to come prepared with enough cash or use a debit/credit card for transactions.

3. Can I use my credit/debit card for purchases at AMS?

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Yes, you can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards for purchases during events at AMS. Most vendors accept card payments, but it’s always good to carry some cash as a backup.

4. What if I lose my credit/debit card at AMS?

In case of a lost or stolen credit/debit card during an event, immediately notify your bank or credit card company and cancel your card promptly. Guest Services can also assist in providing contact details of nearby financial institutions that can help with emergency situations.

5. Are there any discounts or promotions available on banking services at AMS?

Some banks offer exclusive deals and rewards programs for their customers during races and events hosted by AMS. It’s best to check with your respective bank before visiting the track if they have any offers currently available.

6. How secure are ATM machines located inside the premises of Atlanta Motor Speedway?

AMS ensures that all ATMs are regularly monitored by security personnel and equipped with surveillance cameras for added safety measures.

7. What document do I need to present when using my debit/credit cards during events at AMS?

Guests will need a valid photo ID when presenting their debit/credit cards for payment verification purposes.

In conclusion, Atlanta Motor Speedway provides basic banking services to its guests but it’s better to carry enough cash or use credit/debit cards whenever possible. Along with this, it’s smart to double-check with your bank about any promotions available during events at AMS!

The Benefits of Banking at Atlanta Motor Speedway: Why You Should Consider It

As the world advances with technology advancement, making cash withdrawals at banks is becoming obsolete. The same applies to online banking and mobile apps that have made it easier for people to access their finances from their homes or on the go. However, there are still some benefits to physically visiting a bank. One such example is Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Atlanta Motor Speedway is more than just a racetrack – it’s also home to America’s Motorsports Credit Union – an automotive-focused credit union that offers its members exceptional financial services that make it stand out from traditional banks.

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So why would one choose Atlanta Motor Speedway over a traditional bank? Here are some of the benefits of banking at this credit union:

1. It Focuses on Auto Financing

America’s Motorsports Credit Union specializes in auto financing, meaning that car loans and leases are ranked high in their line of services. You won’t just come across loan officers who know how to structure the perfect payment plan for you; they’ll be industry experts too – enthusiasts who fully understand both the joys and financial responsibilities involved with owning a vehicle.

Given this focus, borrowing money here may save you money in interest rates compared to those offered by other financial institutions.

2. Accessibility

One major advantage of banking at Atlanta Motor Speedway is accessibility. Located next door to one of Atlanta’s landmark entertainment venues (the actual speedway), AMS’ building gives visitors unique experiences while enjoying the thrill of attending races.

Whether you’re spending long hours watching races into the late night or want stop by during workdays, AMS partners with CO-OP Financial Services network which supports transaction fee free-access at tens of thousands ATMs nationwide , giving customers efficient visitation anytime— anywhere without charge constraints.

3. Membership Benefits

Another benefit of joining America’s Motorsports Credit union? As a member, you can enjoy exclusive discounts and perks from select merchants offering products ranging from apparel and accessories like racing gear, insurance options, and even auto auctions. Becoming an Atlanta Motor Speedway member contributes to helping the wider motorsports community grow ensuring it maintains safety standards while supporting education in the field of automotive industry.

4. Community Involvement

By becoming a member of America’s Motorsports Credit Union, customers can aspire to be part of a growing community that embodies fundamental values like teamwork, dedication, discipline and fair competition – as that practiced in speedways.

Atlanta Motor Speedway sponsors regional racing events focusing on various automotive series that are both competitive and thrilling to watch for visitors and fans alike. By choosing this credit union bank , you may partake in these events with fellow enthusiasts – another “value-added” benefit unlike traditional financial institutions.


While online banking seems convenient at first glance, there are benefits to visiting a physical bank location. For proponents looking to merge their passion for vehicles with their finances or want exclusivity in deals only available from experienced industry experts .Moreover , merging with AMS is a wise choice since it presents added opportunities plus better insurance options than traditional banks offer .

*Membership eligibility required;

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