Revving Up Your Experience: Exploring the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Website

Short answer: Indianapolis Motor Speedway website

The official website of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway provides information about upcoming events, tickets, news, history, and more. It is a valuable resource for fans of motorsports and anyone interested in one of the world’s most iconic racetracks.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Website

If there’s one thing that motorsports enthusiasts can agree on, it’s this: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) is a holy place. It’s the home of the Indy 500, after all – and let’s not forget about its impressive NASCAR history. So when you’re planning your next pilgrimage to the Brickyard or just looking for some insider tips on how to navigate IMS’ website like a pro, look no further than our Ultimate FAQ Guide.

Q: What are some must-know facts about IMS?
A: Well, first and foremost: The track was built in 1909, making it over a century old! It also covers an area of almost 1,000 acres and has seating capacity for more than 250k fans. And as mentioned earlier—in addition hosting the Indy 500 every Memorial Day weekend—it has also been a host site for numerous other racing events across various series throughout its storied history.

Q: How do I buy tickets for an event at IMS?
A: Simple answer—visit! From here you’ll be able to find links to purchase tickets through each individual series that utilizes IMS’ facilities. For major races though — IndyCar Series including the infamous Indianapolis 500—as well as NASCAR’s Brickyard Weekend—it may be worth checking out four-ticket package deals which include both race-day admission plus practice sessions & qualifying before-hand.

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Q: Can I take a tour of IMS if there isn’t any racing happening?
A; Yes indeed! If you’re not trying to attend an actual race but really want see what lies beyond those massive grandstands—check out . You’ll have opportunity view behind-the-scenes areas such as garages/pit lane/how cars get stored/etc., IMAX-style theatre showings—with clips featuring many legends who’ve raced around these grounds—and even Museum Row which features on-site exhibits of many historical vehicles(even AJ’s winning IndyCar included!).

Q: What if I want to stay overnight near IMS?
A: The Speedway is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Indianapolis, which has a variety of lodging options at all price points. However, If you’re looking for accommodations nearby the track, check out—the official travel portal for IMS events which offers customized packages that include race tickets + hotel reservations.

Q: I’m hungry! Can I eat something tasty while at the track?
A; Sure can! In addition to your typical stadium-style concessions fare (hot dogs/nachos/lemonade/etc.), there are some relatively commendable food offerings throughout IMS’ grounds. For example—duck into famous Brickyard Crossing restaurant located right inside turn-4 of oval-track & indulge in was nationally recognized burger concept Punch Burger(awarded best beef burgers in Indiana by Food & Wine Magazine) Or pick one around Pagoda Plaza where they’ve often host pop-up style kiosks featuring local favorites

Uncovering Hidden Gems on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Website

If you are a fan of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and all things motorsports, then you probably already know that their website is an absolute treasure trove of information. But did you also know that there are hidden gems buried within the site that can provide even more insight and entertainment for racing enthusiasts? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of these hidden features and why they’re worth exploring.

First up is the IMS photo archive. This impressive collection holds over 100 years’ worth of photographs chronicling the rich history of motor racing in Indianapolis. From iconic moments like Wilbur Shaw’s back-to-back wins to rare photos from early races, this archive offers plenty to pore over for anyone with an interest in race history. The archive is searchable by driver name or keyword, making it easy to find specific images or browse through various categories such as Indy 500 winners or vintage cars.

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Another fun feature on the IMS website is the virtual tour option. Although attending one of their races in person would be ideal (and certainly nothing beats being there firsthand), if you aren’t able to make it out right now, this comes as close as possible! With a few clicks, users can explore the entire racetrack virtually from any computer. You’ll see views starting from Victory lane stretching out towards each grandstand – allowing complete freedom over panoramic 360-degree rotations.

Finally – something truly astounding – there’s access our aeroviews!, aerial photography taken during large events (such as The Indy 500) which provides stunning perspectives on just how many people pack into The Brickyard! Watching those aerial clips shows exactly what’s happening across every square inch- clear enough so fans could even try looking themselves down amidst thousands others!

Overall, if you have any affinity towards automobile racing or simply enjoy good pictures; perusing entertaining online content while learning new details about your favorite sport & place-then don’t miss checking out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway website. With its impressive archive of photos, virtual tour options and aerial perspectives; it offers racers & spectators alike an inside look at one of the most iconic motorsports venues in history!

Boost Your Race Experience with These Tips for Using the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Website

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway website is your ultimate guide to the world-renowned racing event. From purchasing tickets to checking out schedules and events, this online platform has it all. However, with so much information at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming for first-time users.

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To help you make the most of your race experience, here are some tips on how to maximize the IMS website:

1) Start by exploring the homepage – The homepage serves as a hub for all things IMS-related. Here, you’ll find news articles, upcoming race schedules and details about special events.

2) Get acquainted with their ticketing system – The IMS offers several types of admission passes that differ in price and access levels. Familiarize yourself with these options before making any purchases.

3) Create an account- By creating an account on, you will be able to manage your ticket orders easily and efficiently. It also allows you easier access to pre-sale opportunities on merchandise or seat upgrades.

4) Look into add-ons – Visit their “Add-Ons” section where they offer various parking spots depending on availability/price along with additional premium experience packages like garages tours which allow fans a chance explore behind-the-scenes activities & even more exclusive content!

5) Stay connected via social media- Follow IMS’s social media handles including Facebook,Twitter and Instagram for quick updates regarding schedule changes or special deals.

6) Check the track layout map – Understanding the track layout beforehand can enhance viewing pleasure during races provide insight into prime location areas such as turn one (known as “The Speedway”) which is famous worldwide thanks to its unique banking angles structure adding precision turns amidst rapid acceleration speeds!

7). Utilize Mobile App – Through downloading their official app named ‘IMS Digital’ , Fans can stay up-to-date while onsite because everything from detailed maps showing concession stand locations down pit stops as well stats for every driver competing live stats is accessed conveniently right within the palm of your hand!

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway website is a one-stop-shop for everything racing. With these tips, you’ll be able to navigate the site like a pro and enhance your race experience to its fullest potential.

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