Revving Up the Fun: Exploring the Speedway at Concord Mills

Short answer speedway at concord mills:

The Speedway at Concord Mills is a former auto racing track located in Concord, North Carolina. The track was part of the Concord Mills mall complex and hosted various racing events from 1997 to 2011. It has since been demolished and replaced by retail space.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Enjoy the Speedway at Concord Mills

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, look no further than the Speedway at Concord Mills. This beloved North Carolina attraction offers a variety of thrilling activities that are perfect for all ages and levels of adventure-seekers. Here’s our step-by-step guide to enjoying the Speedway and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Step 1: Choose Your Activity

The Speedway offers three main types of attractions: go-kart racing, laser tag, and mini-golf. Each one is sure to get your heart racing in different ways. If you’re craving speed and competition, go karting is the way to go! The karts here can reach speeds up to 45 mph – so buckle up! Alternatively, if you’re feeling more strategic or just want some good old-fashioned fun with friends or family members then give laser tag a try. Last but not least on the list; enjoy miniature golf which always proves as great fun as well!

Tip: Check out the Traffic School section before hopping into a go-kart – it’s required training provided by their friendly instructors who’ll teach you about proper safety measures too!

Step 2: Suit Up

Once you’ve chosen your activity, it’s time to gear up! For those going Go-Karting or Laser Tagging (not necessary for Mini Golf), remember there are strict policies such as closed-toe shoes being mandatory at this venue!. Don’t worry though – helmets and other gear will be provided when its race day so have peace-of-mind knowing everything is taken care of for their patrons’ safety on site

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Step 3: Rock On

You’ll definitely want some rocking tunes during your thrills-seeking time at ‘the Speeds’ so head down towards Tankard Alley where music usually plays loudly enough throughout that area keeping spirits high while getting prepared physically & mentally before venturing ahead👍

Perhaps even make sure everyone at tankard alley listens to the same music, just try and keep it appropriate for all ages

Step 4: Get Your Game On!

Whether you’re in a go-kart or battling it out in laser tag, now is your time to shine! Just remember to always have fun while respecting any rules, instructions & each other of course

As far as miniature golf goes, take some nice deep breaths before starting on their masterpiece-designed putting course; great stress-relief while patiently waiting amongst pals.

Step 5: Celebrate

No matter what activity you choose, make sure to celebrate after the event. Take some quick snaps with fellow participants so that forever-lasting memories are captured which can be cherished by all who partake here at the Speedway. Even taking food options available at concession stands such as cold drinks/snacks whilst bonding over shared experiences – because this is how traditions start!

Tip: Don’t forget souvenir photos – they’re an awesome way of immortalising memorable moments had together and also serve well as decor or novelty gift item💡

The Speedway at Concord Mills offers

FAQ about the Exciting Speedway at Concord Mills

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting activity to do in Concord, North Carolina, then the Speedway at Concord Mills should definitely be on your list. This indoor go-kart racing venue offers an experience unlike any other, with high-speed karts that can reach up to 40mph as you zoom around the slick track.

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But before you head out and hit the gas pedal, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this thrilling attraction:

Q: Can anyone participate in go-karting at the Speedway?

A: Yes! The Speedway is open to all ages and skill levels. There are different tracks available for juniors (ages 7-14) and adults (ages 15+), so everyone can have a chance to race.

Q: What kind of karts does the Speedway have?

A: The karts used at the Speedway are state-of-the-art Sodi RTX electric go-karts. These vehicles offer superior handling, acceleration, and braking capabilities compared to traditional combustion-engine karts.

Q: How many racers can compete on the track at once?

A: Up to 10 drivers can race together on each track. With two separate tracks available (one adult and one junior), there’s plenty of space for groups or individual racers.

Q: Is it expensive to race at the Speedway?

A: No! Prices start as low as $20 per person for a single race session. You can also purchase multi-race packages or group event options if you’re bringing along friends or family members.

Q: Do I need any special gear or equipment?

A: Nope – just wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Helmets are provided by the venue but you’re welcome to bring your own full-face helmet if desired.

Q; Are there any height/weight restrictions for racing?

A; Drivers must be at least 48″ tall in order to ride on the adult track. There is no weight restriction, but drivers must be able to properly fit in a seat with the safety harnesses secured.

Q; Is it safe to race at the Speedway?

A: Yes! Safety is always of utmost importance at the Speedway. All drivers are given detailed instructions and must watch a required safety video before hitting the track. Additionally, staff members are always present and monitoring races to ensure that all racers follow rules and guidelines.

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So there you have it – some important FAQ answers about Concord Mills’ exciting Speedway attraction! Now that you know what to expect, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time zooming around the track and channeling your inner racecar driver.

The Best Ways to Experience the Thrill of the Speedway at Concord Mills

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled experience in Concord, North Carolina, look no further than the speedway at Concord Mills. This world-class racing facility is home to some of the most exciting races and events around, drawing visitors from all over the country who are eager to experience the thrill of high-speed racing firsthand.

So, what are the best ways to soak up all that excitement? Here are a few ideas:

1. Attend a Race Event

One of the simplest but most effective ways to enjoy the speedway is to attend one of its many race events. From NASCAR Cup Series races and dirt track competitions to Monster Trucks shows and more, there’s always something happening on the speedway’s grounds.

Check out their schedule online or stop by their official ticket center for event tickets and information.

2. Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour

For those who want an inside look at how things operate on race day, consider taking a guided tour behind-the-scenes. These tours give visitors access to areas not typically open during public events like pit row garages and pre-race driver meetings.

3. Drive In A High-Speed Car

If watching others zip around on-track isn’t enough for you drive-in yourself in one of Speedway Experience’s ride along car rides giving simulated laps registered pro drivers round this top notch racecourse..

4. Dine At The Terrace VIP Lounge

Experience luxury while overlooking racetracks with authentic southern cuisine dining paired with sommelier curated wine pairings enhanced by live entertainment…VIP guest get designated parking area upgrades as well.
Come visit Concord Mill Speedway today! Get into fast cars driven by pros or grab exclusive seating areas after a fun-packed day exploring this fantastic spot!

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