Revving Up for the Ultimate Racing Experience at Martinsville Speedway, VA

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Martinsville Speedway is a NASCAR short track located in Ridgeway, Virginia. The 0.526 mile oval was built in 1947 and has hosted NASCAR Cup Series races since its inception. It’s known for its tight turns and signature paper clip shape.

Exploring Martinsville Speedway VA Step by Step: A Visitor’s Guide

Nestled in the heart of Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Martinsville Speedway has been a landmark for NASCAR fans since 1947. With its 0.526-mile oval track and unique paperclip shape, this historic venue attracts thousands of visitors each year eager to experience the thrills and excitement of one of America’s most iconic racetracks.

For those planning a visit to Martinsville Speedway, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you make the most out of your trip:

1. Plan your visit

Before heading out on the road towards Martinsville Speedway, it’s important to plan ahead and book your tickets online well in advance – especially if you’re looking to secure prime viewing spots around the track. The official website ( is an excellent resource that will provide all necessary information regarding race schedules, ticket options, directions and accommodations.

2. Finding Your Way Around

Upon arrival at Martinsville Speedway VA, be sure to grab a map or download their app which includes helpful details such as site maps outlining vendor locations accordingly; concession stands available where they are serving up delicious snacks such as Budweiser beer nuts or cotton candy!

3. Touring Martinville!
In between races or before checking into our accommodations let’s dive into exploring what else awaits us: Take part in special tours offered by local authorities allowing visitors rare access points areas like garages pit row amongst other VIP places off limits during race day weekends so start early for full immersion experience.

4 Where To Eat:
Satisfy your hunger with favorite Southern favorites while watching racing from various dining areas situated strategically across facility grounds check out Buford Street Brick Oven Pizza stand known nationwide providing high-quality pizza pies made fresh daily utilizing only top quality ingredients sourced locally & more.

5.Interesting Spots
Martinsville is home not just because of great feature race events but including scenic motorcycle routes winding through beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. There are several highlighted locations visitors absolutely must visit such as Piedmont Arts Museum which showcases incredible contemporary art galleries and renowned for its collection of exceptional glass works.

6.Where to Stay according to your budget.
There’s no shortage of accommodations in Martinsville a traveler can choose from including basic hotels like Super 8 or Best Western but if you’re looking for an upscale experience, consider staying at Virginia Lodge — comfortably nestled right inside racecourse premises offering guests panoramic views throughout the entire venue grounds with luxury amenities sure provide restful nights slumber post-race day exhaustion

Martinsville Speedway VA is the perfect destination for anyone who loves fast cars, exciting racing and enjoying Southern hospitality. With careful planning and preparation following this guide, NASCAR fans will find themselves completely immersed in all that Martinville has to offer providing unforgettable memories that last forever!

Martinsville Speedway VA FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Visit

If you are planning to visit Martinsville Speedway in Virginia for the first time, there may be a few questions running through your mind. What should I expect? How do I prepare for this fascinating event? Don’t worry! In this article, we have compiled all the essential information that will make your trip amazing.

1) What is Martinsville Speedway, and what makes it so special?

Martinsville Speedway is located in Southern Virginia and has been hosting racing events since 1949. It’s known as “The Paperclip” due to its unique shape of two nearly straightaways connected by hairpin turns at each end. The speedway offers some of the most exciting NASCAR races on tour, starting with the STP 500 Cup race weekends every year.

2) When should I arrive at Martinsville Speedyway?

It’s recommended you arrive early on race day to get parking before traffic really starts flowing into Martinsville. Gates usually open about three hours before an event.

3) What should I bring along when visiting Martinsville Race Track?

You want to ensure maximum comfort during your long stay here by carrying appropriate items like comfortable shoes (you’ll likely be walking a lot), sunglasses & sunscreen if needed, earplugs or noise-canceling earmuffs; binoculars can also enhance viewing experience given how big this place stretches out over half mile track lengthwise.

4) Is tailgating allowed around Martinsville Speedway facilities?

Absolutely! Tailgating is encouraged amongst fans and visitors alike – but only within designated areas throughout campground grounds near parking lots spaces allocated specifically close proximity from other cars without obstructive views or blocking emergency access lanes making sure everyone stays safe on site.

5) Are coolers allowed inside Martin Biscuit Company Grandstand barn area of infield where concession stands & restrooms are located during events?

For sure! Coolers filled with ice-cold drinks add more fun while enjoying your favourite race or other events taking place around the stadium. Concession stands also offer all sorts of appetizers, burgers, fries, sandwiches and more for everyone to enjoy.

6) What about ticket prices – how much should I expect to pay?

Before purchasing tickets online in advance pricing ,know that Santa Margarita Toyota Green Flag Experience starts at $600 per person while tickets range from average mid $30’s-$85 depending on where you’re sitting.

7) How can I purchase tickets to see Martinsville Speedway VA events?

Tickets are available via various sources including local Williams Global Marketing main offices(to avoid fraudulent scams). You could buy these online directly through Martisville Raceway site or order by phone calls into their Customer Service line which is usually open from 9 am until 9 pm EST working Monday-Saturday.-they’ll take care of everything else provided security checks out completely following up after payment has been confirmed processed ensuring anyone making a purchase gets timely email updates outlining shipping & delivery details.

In conclusion, visiting Martinsville Speedway promises an unforgettable experience packed with

Racing History at Martinsville Speedway VA: From Moonshiners to Modern Day Heroes

Martinsville Speedway, nestled in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, has a rich history that stretches back over 70 years. From its early days as a haven for moonshiners and their souped-up cars to its current status as one of NASCAR’s premier venues, Martinsville has always been unique among racetracks.

The track was built in 1947 by H. Clay Earles on land that had previously housed a small airport. Earles was a successful businessman who ran several gas stations and garages in the area, but he was also an avid racing fan who saw potential in hosting stock car events at his new track. His vision paid off almost immediately when crowds flocked to see local drivers compete on his half-mile oval.

In those early years, the races themselves were often wild affairs with few rules or regulations. Moonshine runners would take their homemade hooch out for “tests” on dirt roads and backstreets across the South before gathering at tracks like Martinsville to race each other and show off their skills behind the wheel. The crowds loved it – there was an undeniable thrill in watching these outlaw drivers go pedal-to-the-metal around the tight turns and steep banking of Earles’ track.

As organized stock car racing grew more popular throughout the 1950s, Martinsville became an important stop on both the NASCAR Grand National (now Cup) Series and its regional counterpart, which eventually evolved into today’s Xfinity Series. Many of NASCAR’s biggest names cut their teeth at Martinsville during this era – Richard Petty won his first career race there in 1960 – while locals like Ray Hendrick dominated on home turf year after year.

Over time, however, Martinsville started to change with the times. Track surfaces went from dirt to asphalt; speeds increased along with safety standards; purse sizes ballooned; fancy corporate sponsorships replaced mom-and-pop teams; fans traded in pick-up trucks for RVs. Yet despite all these shifts, Martinsville retained its core identity as a place where racing was still raw and visceral.

Today, Martinsville is one of the most beloved tracks on the NASCAR circuit. Its tight layout makes it a challenge for drivers to pass each other – leading to scrappy, door-to-door battles that are thrilling both to watch and participate in. Fans love the track’s old-school vibe: no massive grandstands or neon advertising boards here; just grassy hillsides packed with diehard supporters who know every driver’s name and stats by heart.

As we look back at Martinsville’s storied past, from moonshiners outrunning the law to modern-day stock car heroes pushing 200 mph, it becomes clear why this little Virginia track has captivated so many hearts over the years. There may be newer, flashier venues on the NASCAR schedule now – but none can match Martinsville Speedway for sheer character and soul.

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