Revving Up for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2022 Schedule: What to Expect

Short answer: Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2022 schedule

The official schedule for the 2022 season at Indianapolis Motor Speedway has not been released yet. However, it typically includes events such as the Indy 500, Brickyard 400 and various other races throughout the year. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming season.

How to Plan Your Visit for the 2022 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Schedule: A Guide

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the most famous motorsports venues in the world. With its iconic brickyard and thrilling races, it’s no wonder why fans from all over travel to Indiana each year to witness the action-packed events.

If you’re planning a visit for the 2022 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Schedule, then this guide is just what you need! Here are some things to consider when planning your trip:

When to Visit

First thing’s first – timing is everything! The racing season at Indianapolis typically starts in early May with the IndyCar Grand Prix followed by the renowned Indianapolis 500 race on Memorial Day weekend. This is undeniably a peak time for tourism in Indiana, however other notable events include NASCAR and MotoAmerica during August. If you want to avoid large crowds and inflated prices while still enjoying good weather and exciting races, aim towards either late spring or early fall instead!

Where to Stay

There are multiple accommodation options available near the track district including camping spots as well as hotels within walking distance of many popular attractions downtown.
While lodging can be expensive nearby due to demand surges for big events like Indy 500; fortunately Airbnb has created more affordable room booking accommodations throughout those times for an easier itinerary planning process.


Getting around town will require careful navigation depending upon where you’re staying- attendees often rely on rental cars or taxi services especially if they prefer comfortability over navigating public transport but there are shuttle bus options that reach outlying areas.
Don’t forget about parking: Parking passes cost anywhere between $20-$100+, so keep transportation costs into consideration when finalizing your budgeting plans.

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What Else To Do?

Indy offers fun-filled activities outside of racing too!
Enjoy panoramic views at Monument Circle , located close-by…or head westward thirty minutes towards Eagle Creek Park – seizing prime picnic opportunities while basking in nature before jammin’ out under expressive musical acts at White River State Park.
And while downtown’s delicious eats and eclectic bars make for great nightlife , many families typically head to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis-a thrilling activity center with interactive exhibits that inspire all ages.

There you have it – a comprehensive guide on how to plan your visit for the 2022 Indianapolis Motor Speedway schedule; whether watching live racing or exploring nearby attractions, there is guaranteed fun amidst this lovable city introducing you about its heritage-rich past while still retaining modern-day buzz. So draw out the map, book lodging, buckle up and let’s hit those streets!

Step-by-Step: How to Navigate the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s 2022 Schedule

As the Indianapolis Motor Speedway gears up for another exciting year of racing, fans across the globe are eagerly anticipating an action-packed lineup of events and competitions. With so much going on throughout the season, it can be difficult to keep track of all the races, concerts, and other activities taking place at one of America’s most iconic sporting venues.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to easily navigate the IMS 2022 schedule so you won’t miss a beat (or a lap).

Step 1: Start with “Month View”

The first thing you’ll want to do when accessing the IMS schedule online is click on “Month View” – located toward the top-right corner of your screen. This will give you a bird’s-eye view of which months contain significant events or races while still allowing for more focused searches later on.

Step 2: Use Search Filters

Once in Month View mode, take advantage of custom search filters that appear below each month box. Here, users can select specific event types (like NASCAR vs IndyCar), days within certain time frames (such as May weekends during race prep week), even if shows happened indoors or outdoors. For example:

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Choose only Saturdays & Sundays
Select outdoor-only options under “Venue” filter
Avoid weekday visits by deselecting Monday through Friday boxes

These parameters let visitors toggle between various possibilities until finding their preferred date range(s) or type(s) ahead quickly before purchasing tickets from authorized sellers like

Step 3: Check Out Special Events

IMS offers non-racing events people may find captivating before heading off into those tenser moments! There are two excellent ways outlined here.

– Look out for special event days:
If looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences that mix festivities with history recall Indiana’s famous authors on National Book Day alongside rum-tasting sessions at World of Rum Festival. These imaginative themes come alive at IMS’s unique venue with something for everyone in the family roster.

– Check out concert lineup:
The Motor Speedway has quite the selection this year spanning across numerous genres. For example, Indiana-native John Mellencamp is playing Independence Day Weekend or Five Finger Death Punch & Breaking Benjamin co-headline from rock enthusiasts can Dance Gavin Dance fans groove to their liking and hip-hop followers can see Ganja White Night perform live.

Step 4: Choose Your Race

Now that you have a good idea of what’s going on at IMS during select dates, return to Month View mode and click on individual days highlighted red (in May – yellow) hands down. By doing so, you’ll be taken to each race day’s schedule page detailing everything taking place within a few hours span leading up till Main Features like Indianapolis 500 itself!.

If there are any specific races you’re interested in attending outside of these major events – such as IndyCar Series road course weekends or MotoAmerica motorcycle competitions – make sure they appear under “Event Types” filter

Frequently Asked Questions About the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s 2022 Schedule Answered!

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has finally released its 2022 schedule and race fans are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming season. The iconic track is set to host a variety of events, including IndyCar series races, NASCAR Cup Series races, and many others. However, this also means that there may be some confusion regarding dates, times, and other relevant information – but don’t worry! We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about the IMS’s 2022 schedule.

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1) When does the racing season start at Indy?

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will kick off its 2022 racing season on May 14th with the GMR Grand Prix. This event marks the fifth round of the NTT IndyCar Series in 2022.

2) Will there be any special events happening alongside regular racing weekends?

Yes! There will be plenty of exciting events taking place at the IMS throughout the year. One notable one is during Memorial Day weekend when we have both Carb Day (the traditional final practice for drivers before they hit speeds over 230 mph in competition), followed by Legends Day featuring a music concert headlined by top artists.

3) How many different types of motorsports series races can I expect next year?

There will be several distinct motor sports categories represented at IMS in 2022: The NTT IndyCar Series kicks off with nine rounds scheduled through September while NASCAR Cup Series visits Memorial weekend covering two main events- Pennzoil named after their presenting sponsor for points race number thirteen as well as Brickyard mentioned below which takes place late-August running thirty-four laps around brick-lined rectangle upping excitement levels quite nicely compared to just cruising around an oval stravelling mostly left all day long!

4) What’s so special about Fourth-of-July weekend?

Fourth-of-July every year brings double header action held on Saturday afternoon see Xfinity series running from high noon closely followed by Big Machine Vodka Spiked Coolers 400 (formerly Brickyard 400) showcasing Monster Energy Cup Series. Both of these races add to an obviously perfect weekend for racing fans.

5) Will there be any special incentives available in terms of pricing or promotions?

Since its creation- IMS has long recognized the value they receive from their incredibly loyal fanbase and wants to reward them accordingly, offering Pre-sale discount codes as well as some lucky folks might win “Ultimate Fan Experience” passes giving winners the chance participate in driver meet-and-greets, grab photographs with famous car owners plus much more!

6) How can I keep track of all that’s happening at Indianapolis Motor Speedway throughout the year?

Good news! There are many ways to stay up-to-date on events and schedule changes throughout the season. You can follow @IMS across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their official website which maintains an extremely user-friendly layout designed precisely with convenience top-of-mind.

7) When is the final race scheduled for next year?

As previously mentioned above; September & October both

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