Revving Up for the Bristol Speedway Schedule: A Guide to the Hottest Races of the Season

**Short answer bristol speedway schedule:** The Bristol Motor Speedway hosts multiple races throughout the year, including NASCAR Cup Series and Xfinity Series events. The exact schedule of upcoming races can be found on the official Bristol Motor Speedway website.

How to Plan Your Trip to Bristol Speedway: Navigating the Schedule and Key Dates

Are you an avid racing fan who enjoys the adrenaline rush of high-speed cars zooming past, or maybe just someone seeking a unique experience? If yes, then Bristol Speedway is surely not unknown territory. Navigating your way to Bristol Speedway and planning a trip there can be overwhelming with numerous dates and schedules available online. However, fret no more as we have put together the ultimate guide on how to plan your trip to this iconic event.

Lets’ start with the basics:


Bristol Motor Speedway is located in Bristol city, Tennessee. The track has been known for hosting multiple NASCAR events such as Monster Energy Cup Series races from 1958 until date.


The first thing that you need to do before heading out for any motorsport event is browsing through its schedule carefully.Comparing the schedules will help in selecting which days are best suited according to your preferences – whether it’s tailgating, partying or watching live races.

Also consider taking into account factors like weather conditions before finalizing plans After all that hassle of booking flights/hotels/travel arrangements also make sure that their flexibility corresponds well with planned visits.

Day-by-Day Breakdown

Below is a day-wise summary along with exciting highlights:

Camping facilities open up usually at noon allowing fans several hours looking around different campsites and exploring venues & activities provided by park staff such as games and trivia contests.

Every Thursdaynight during race weekends meet-and-greet sessions take place featuring local musicians performing live music throughout stage area . So if youre someone keen on enjoying gifted artists perform whilst being immersed in racetrack festivities don’t miss out!

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For fans interested specifically in taking photos with famous drivers visiting practice sites would be wise move ,as they often stick around post-practice leaving ample opportunities snap selfies ESPN features presentations where many familiar drivers grace podiums chatting about sports priorits.

Saturday (Race Day)
Early birds who began early preparations will not miss practice sessions starting at 8 AM.This is followed by multiple racing heats,races with more nail-biting finishes than ever before.Make a must-see as Bristol’s unique construction allows for close-quarters racing mixed with signature dirt track features.

The final day includes so much live entertainment packed into the sunrise-to-sundown portion of festive activities make Sundays feel like bonus days including official races sanctioned by NASCAR . Also, customary tear downs and parades serve well to present fans another opportunity enjoy being immersed in excitement-filled atmosphere.


After deciding which date works best according to schedule/availability/weather conditions online tickets are easier way purchase entrances wristbands,lodging,tailgating/parking passes or even pre-race pit walkthroughs .


Though many people choose camping options on-site it’s highly recommended booking lodging/hotels nearby beforehand due limited availability.Taking into account distance from racetrack ensuring transportation connectivity should also be considered whilst picking accommodation.In addition,different services offered special packages may be available such as VIP treatment comprising

Step-by-Step Walkthrough of the Bristol Speedway Schedule: Your Ultimate Planning Resource

As a race fan, nothing is more exciting than planning your trip to the Bristol Motor Speedway. With its unique oval shape and steep banking, this track never disappoints when it comes to adrenaline-filled racing action. However, with all the events and activities that take place amidst the roar of engines, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start in terms of scheduling.

In order to help make your Bristol experience unforgettable, we’ve provided you with a step-by-step walkthrough of everything that goes on during race week. From tickets to tailgating opportunities, read on for our ultimate planning resource!

Step 1: Choosing Your Race

Bristol Motor Speedway hosts several races throughout the year ranging from NASCAR Cup Series events to dirt track races. Take note of which date works best for you and purchase your tickets accordingly.

Step 2: Location & Accommodations

Where are you coming from? Some fans travel across states or even countries just so they can witness beautiful high-speed Oval competition at Bristol Speedway first-hand! For most visitors flying into nearby airports like Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) or Knoxville Mcghee Tyson Airport (TYS), there are several transportation options available including rental cars and shuttles; however adding extra time while traveling especially during congested areas such as rush hour traffic might not be ideal 😉

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Once getting situated transportation-wise- it’s now time consider accommodations! Hotels located near or within the vicinity of Bristol speedway offer great package deals inclusive shuttle services if needed.Check out websites like for competitive prices,but please don’t forget important factors such as location safety rating ratings etc; better safe than sorry!

Step 3: Tailgate Preparations

Tailgating has become an essential part of any race weekend festivities around The United States’ various street courses,and takes preparation time somit doesn’t hurt get an early head-start in packing up some food supplies barbecues chairs blankets etc.So what to make? Well, anything goes really! From classic burgers and hot dogs to creative taco bars- your imagination is the limit. Make sure to bring plenty of drinks too (don’t forget the ICE) ,lots of fresh water especially because Bristol can get warm during summer so stay hydrated!. Don’t worry about forgetting essentials either as most supply stores are near by with hours that usually work around race fans schedules 😉

Step 4: Enjoying Pre-Race Entertainment

Before the race kicks off, there’s a wide range of activities for visitors such as concerts, autograph signings and trade shows among others. Most tracks offer entertainment options days prior race day itself; you can find most information on track official websites.

Step 5: Getting Ready For The Big Race Day!

Race day has arrived! Gates normally open early morning or late night evening prior races so see if getting an early jump start works best for you.Although be warned though that lines may already have formed but don’t let this discourage from experiencing one-of-a-kind racing experience..

Bristol Speedways’ dimensions measure

Bristol Speedway Schedule FAQ: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Bristol Speedway is one of the most iconic racetracks in the world and hosts some of the biggest NASCAR events throughout the year. If you’re planning to attend a race or simply looking to keep up with the latest news, here’s everything you need to know about Bristol Speedway schedule FAQ.

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Q: When does the Nascar Cup Series race take place at Bristol Speedway?

A: The next scheduled Nascar Cup Series race at Bristol speedway is on September 18th,2021 under lights otherwise known as Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race presented by Ally Financial.

Q: What other races are there on Bristol Speedway’s Schedule?

A: In addition to hosting the Nascar Cup series races for Yard Goats Baseball Sports Clips Haircuts VFW Help A Hero 200 and Fitzgerald USA bets Casino 150 both Xfinity and Camping World Truck series will be held respectively.

Q: How can I get tickets for a race at Bristol Speedway?

A: Fans can buy tickets directly from or through authorized ticket sellers such as Additionally fans also have options through partner organizations like Stubhub offering general admission passes VIP hospitality packages among others

Q; Can I bring food or drinks into Bristol Motor Speedway?

A; No, outside food/beverages cannot be brought into BMS , However several concession stands offer various snacks and beverages along with beer sales (21+ only).

Q; Do children require a ticket for entry?

A : Children who are three years old and younger do not require a ticket but must occupy their seats alongside guardians during races.Children fouryears old and above must purchase full-price reserved seat ticket even accompanying adults depending on individual schedules per event should check prior notifications from respective organizers ;

Q:Is parking available near Bristol Motor speedway ?

A Yes Parking arrangements provided in different lots which may vary upon respective event schedules.You can always refer to each poster ahead via event social media handles and official sites.

Q: Do any hotels offer packages for Bristol Speedway events?

A: Yes, several hotels in the area that offer packages or discounted rates during NASCAR events. Some of these include Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Express,& Suites-Yummersville Fairfield inn and suites by Marriott.

With this guide on Bristol Speedway Schedule FAQ, you can now stay up-to-date on all important details surrounding race schedules,buying tickets,accommodation,lodging,and other common questions asked by fans around track events.So make sure to plan ahead through authentic information sources either available onsite or visit relevant websites associated with your preferred upcoming race!

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