Rev Up Your Savings: Speedway Offers 10 Cents Off Per Gallon!

Short answer for Speedway 10 cents off per gallon: Members of the Speedy Rewards program can save ten cents per gallon on fuel purchases at participating Speedway gas stations. This discount is available through exclusive digital coupons and can be redeemed by entering your rewards card number or scanning the app barcode at checkout.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your 10 Cents Off Per Gallon at Speedway

Are you tired of high gas prices? Do you want to save a few cents on every gallon of gas that you purchase from Speedway? If your answer is yes, then this step-by-step guide is for you! We have compiled some clever and witty tricks to help you make the most out of Speedway’s rewards program. Follow these steps and start saving today!

Step 1: Sign up for a Speedy Rewards Card

First things first, if you don’t already have one, sign up for a Speedy Rewards card. You can do this by visiting any Speedway location or online via their website ( The process takes less than five minutes, plus it’s free! Once completed, they’ll give you $0.10 back per gallon after purchasing at least eight gallons.

Step 2: Download the App

After signing up with your new speedy rewards card in hand consider downloading the mobile app as well – It’s available on both iPhone and Android platforms. This will allow you always to stay aware of discounts exclusive only to those who use them from other stores around town so ultimately making sure your bill comes in lower than ever before!

Step 3: Use Your Credit Card Wisely

One often overlooked way to save big at Speedway is by using your credit card instead of cash when paying for fuel purchases – That’s right; certain credit cards come equipped with extra features such as discounts at retailers like Speedway where financing fees no longer apply but still saves customers all thanks owed on monthly bills afterwards without compromise too much revenue because banks will usually cover cost difference upfront regardless of inflation rates while allowing driver access fast pumps.

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Step 4: Watch Out For Promotions

Speedway runs promotions throughout the year which benefits customers by offering further savings opportunities—for example occasional buying two large coffees get another free or even receiving points during biggest sporting events where friends gather together enjoying company sportsmanship airing bars across nation wide.

Step 5: Purchase in Bulk

When it comes to gas, bulk purchasing is the way to go! Speedway rewards those who stock up on fuel with lower per-gallon prices. For example, buying ten gallons of gas upfront can save you an extra twenty cents off your total purchase!

Step 6: Stay Classy and Clean

Always make sure that your car stays clean and well-maintained with regular maintenance to keep from losing money at the pump due to unsupported engine issues or other costly repairs.

In conclusion (and a recap), by following clever steps such as signing-up for Speedy Rewards card; downloading their mobile application; handling transactions through credit cards actively seeking discounts through occasional promotions on coffee cups promotional reward points redeemed via sporting events while utilizing refueling units strategically placed along highways around town areas whenever possible helps drivers stay within budget constraints at all times making tankfuls last longer without adding undo stress related financial obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Speedway 10 Cents Off Per Gallon Offer

If you’re a regular customer of Speedway gas stations, chances are you’ve heard about their 10 cents off per gallon offer. You might have even seen the signage in front of your local station advertising this deal.

But despite how straightforward it sounds, there’s still some confusion and questions surrounding this promotion. Fear not, we’re here to answer all your frequently asked questions about the Speedway 10 cents off per gallon offer!

1. How does the offer work?

The offer is pretty simple: when you use your Speedy Rewards card for fuel purchases at participating locations, you will receive a discount of 10 cents per gallon on your next fill-up. The details may vary by location so be sure to check with your local store for specifics.

2. Do I need to spend a minimum amount of money to qualify for the discount?

Nope! As long as you use your Speedy Rewards card for fuel purchases, regardless of how much or little gas you buy, you’ll earn the discount.

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3. Can I combine this discount with other promotions or coupons?

Unfortunately not – according to Speedway’s terms and conditions, “Discounts cannot be combined.” So while it may be tempting to try and stack deals, these discounts cannot be used together.

4. How long do I have until my discount expires?

Your earned discount will remain valid up until the end of the calendar month following its issuance date (example: if issued in December), after which it will expire automatically.

5.What happens if I forget my rewards card?

Don’t worry if you occasionally forget your rewards card – using alternative forms such as phone numbers associated with an account can net rewards points too.If none are available then an employee could assist them by manually pulling up their account information but additional steps must be taken before being able redeem any Points / Discounts

6.Can anyone participate in this program?

Yes! Anyone who has signed up for a free Speedy Rewards account can partake in the 10 cent/gallon discount offer. And if you aren’t already a member, signing up is fast and easy.

7.Is there anything else I should know?

Just that this promotion won’t last forever – it’s simply an ongoing program offered by Speedway to thank their loyal customers for their patronage. So fill up early and often to take advantage of this great deal while it lasts!

In conclusion, the Speedway 10 cents off per gallon offer is a fantastic opportunity for regular gas buyers who want to save on fuel costs. As long as you use your Speedy Rewards card for fuel purchases at participating locations, you’ll earn discounts towards your next tank of gas. Remember- Sign-up today by visiting any location or downloading our award winning app!

Unlocking Extra Savings with Speedway’s Rewards and Loyalty Programs

As a loyal customer of Speedway, you already know that they offer affordable gas prices and convenient locations. But did you know that Speedway also has a rewards program that can help you save even more money? In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of Speedway’s rewards and loyalty programs, and show you how to unlock extra savings.

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Speedy Rewards

The Speedy Rewards program is free to join for anyone over 18 years old. By signing up online or in-store with your personal information (such as your name, email address, phone number), you’ll start earning points every time you make a purchase at participating Speedway locations.

For every dollar spent on gasoline purchases, food items, merchandise in store – members earn 10 base points which are equivalent to one penny. Members will also receive bonus deals regularly depending on their shopping requirements.

Once there’s enough built-in balance within the account it can be redeemed against future purchases like free food items (5000-7000 points) while premium discounts come between specific point denominations(15K= raffle entries). The best part is that these reward points do not expire allowing customers to accumulate significant amounts over time so they can maximize savings towards bigger goals such as cash rewards or gift cards!

Speedway VIP Program

Another exclusive benefit offered by Speedway comes in form of its VIP Membership card ($30/yearly subscription fees). This card holds some amazing perks compared to the Speedy Rewards Program:

VIP membership holders avail higher fuel discount rates i.e; $ .50 per gallon saved after reaching certain gallons filled during specified months.

VIPs have priority parking spaces given despite downtimes & busy schedules/traffic congestions making refuelling process quicker yet efficient – almost acting like having a valet service at hand!

Customer services improvements being handled through personalized assistance offered by Account managers specifically designated for those registered under VIP plan only!!!

Additionally throughout the year various special offers are available ranging from limited edition merchandise to exclusive shopping vouchers just for VIP members’!

Whether you opt-in for the Speedy Rewards Program or VIP Membership, Speedway offers numerous valuable opportunities. Customers can quickly convert their steady purchases reducing revolting spending on gasoline-filling up mission that’s why joining the program is a no-brainer! As an investment lover it’s worth noting that these rewards offer more than financial benefits; they’re lifestyle enhancers and incentives helping accelerate us towards reaching our goals at much lesser costs with almost similar brand experience. Not forgetting also how customer-friendly the whole service sector has become since embracing digitization- using built-in mobile app alongside other web resources.

As long as you frequently patronize and accumulate points throughout your redemption period without exceeding 90 days validity grace – you should be able to enjoy extra savings well beyond anyone who comes unprepared intending to pay full price.

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