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Speedway Rewards is a free loyalty program offered by the convenience store chain, Speedway. Members earn points for purchases and can redeem them online at for discounts on fuel, food, and merchandise.

How-to: Navigating like a Pro is a website that offers all kinds of benefits to its users, from discounts on gasoline to rewards points that can be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards. But navigating the site may not always seem like a walk in the park, especially if you are new to using it. To help you make the most out of and save your time and money while doing so, we’ve put together some helpful tips for navigating it like a pro.

Step #1: Create an Account

Before you begin exploring all the exciting incentives with Speedway Rewards, create an account first. Doing this will give you access to tons of exclusive deals and coupons offered by these gas stations. Head over to “Register” on SpeedWayReward’s homepage and fill out a few details such as your name, email address, phone number, password alongside credit card information; this is only needed when planning on purchasing things through the brand’s store. Once you’re set up with an account and have verified through email confirmation link sent via mail then choose whether or not associate yourself with any linked accounts such as Plenti Card services.

Step #2: Browse Exclusive Deals

After logging onto your newly made account take advantage of browsing The Unbeatable Way To Save page where all specials rebates discount codes sale events etc are exclusively reserved just for members at no extra costs! Need some fuel? Check under Daily Fuel Discounts tab & download weekly savings offer cupons customer available upon sign up subscription!. Want more than just gas savings? Then head over towards Gift Cards Rewards section instead – pick out prepaid payment methods delivering convenience without wondering what’s driving level had dipped too low yet again trying dodge drivers left & right before stopping filling tank back up again.

Step#3:Purchases Should Be Made Employing Rewards

If looking forward into buying anything off their own select list consume redeemable reward point; definitely keep tabs on whatever has been earned until now plus precisely what would be needed to attain that coveted purchase! Login into your account and select My Account then Reward Activity for fuel discounts alongside accumulated receipts are updated making sure customers never miss out on rebates convenience they spend at this compelling chain!
Step #4 Track Rewards

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Keep a watchful eye on how points add up; earning rewards is done by merely showing active membership. Most purchases may fund in the built-in spending meter where redeemable savings begin stacking quickly – also earn visits towards Bonus Point Days turning routines attained through monthly shopping paid off tenfold (or more!). Check receipt transactions upon downloading SpeedyRewards mobile application, always stay ahead of any issues with current balances made available online via logging onto

Step #5 Visit Promotions Tab

Checking constant updates within the ‘Promotions’ tab helps navigate exciting custom brand giveaways exclusive only under this umbrella company. Complete simple challenges & gain reward multipliers worth even more towards beneficial club member redemption offers within store limits set specifically during certain time frames or while supplies last among countless other carefully crafted marketing plots

Step-by-Step: Registering and Claiming Rewards with

If you’re a frequent customer at Speedway gas stations, it makes perfect sense to sign up for their Rewards program- because who doesn’t love getting rewarded for something they already do? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple process of registering and claiming rewards with

Step 1: Head Over to the Website

The first step is easy enough – simply head over to the official website ( using your preferred web browser. Once there, click on ‘Join Now’ if you haven’t registered yet or ‘Sign In’ if you have an existing account.

Step 2: Enter your Details

As expected from any registration form, Speedway Rewards requires basic information such as name, email address, password and card number etc. You will be prompted to fill in all necessary details that are highlighted on screen one-by-one without skipping a single field; keep in mind some fields may require extra attention e.g make sure not adding spaces or dots between numbers while entering cards.Also double check spelling errors before proceeding further which can lead problems later).

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Step 3: Verify Your Identity

Verification serves both security purposes and also confirms proper data being entered into system accurately .Once all required personal info is submitted online application here Speedy offer various verifying options including emailing a code or txt message .

Step 4 : Linking Your Cards

Now let’s pair your physical ” speedy” fuel card with the recently claimed reward points after verification by logging onto If requested again enter last few digits shown on backside of reward card.You should now be able view both selected earned discounts accumulated so far! Don’t forget auto update feature set up when making purchases at pumps regarding cashback offerings towards gas purchase next time around..

Step 5: Claiming Rewards

Claiming rewards has never been easier ! When earning certain amount of bonus points for topping off those full tanks at your nearest Speedway location, rewards may be redeemed with a simple click. Just select the reward you want and process fully-online redemption request via clicking “Redeem Now” or selecting option for email sending details later when ready.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Rewards!

Now that all of the steps are completed – including registration, linking cards to account and claiming rewards- its time embrace those new discounts. Grabbing snacks in-store and slightly paying less than before is just one example of how searching for good gas deals can lead to bigger wallet savings throughout year.

In conclusion registering with speedy rewards online program comes in handy especially as things become more digital-centric . You will enjoy convenience reaping benefits membership has offer whether it’s through loading up petrol tank while getting bonus points towards permanent discount or exchanging earned points for limited-time promotional incentives too (like food giveaways).

Remember every penny saved counts nowadays so why wait? Head straight over ton now! You never know what great promotional offers may pop up next..

Your FAQs Answered

Are you wondering what is all about and how it can benefit you? Do you have questions about earning points, redeeming rewards, or managing your account? Well, we’ve got the answers to your FAQs about!

What Is Speedway Rewards?

Speedway Rewards is a loyalty program offered by Speedway gas stations. With every purchase at participating Speedways, members earn points that can be redeemed for various rewards such as free food and drinks, fuel discounts, merchandise coupons and more.

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How Do I Sign Up For Speedway Rewards?

Signing up for Speedway Rewards is easy! You can go online to or visit any participating store location. To sign up in-store simply ask an associate for assistance with enrolling in the program. Upon signing up customers will receive immediate access to their membership including point balances earned during their initial transaction.

Do I Need A Card To Participate In The Program?

No card needed! You don’t need a physical card to participate in the program if you choose not too . Simply using your mobile number connected through small system integration is enough

How Can I Earn Points Through Speedway Rewards?

The best way to earn points through Speedway Rewards is to make qualifying purchases at participating locations! Each transaction provides opportunity of point earnings when specific items are purchased but typically allow customer loyalty behaviors rewards seeing repeated usage like multiple fill ups per month .

Can Points Be Tiered Or Promoted To Higher Earning Structures Within My Account Over Time?

Yes they can! When certain purchase amounts have been reached over given period new higher level based additional offers become available..

What Kind Of Products And Savings Are Available Through Redemption Of My Reward Points?
Speedway has variety product categories which offer redemption throughout there reward platforms offerings – convenience brand name (Coke/Pepsi), Private label prepared foods/specialty candies/snacks,and even Gas/Convenience themed merchandise ! As previously mentioned, Reward savings and benefits being offered vary depending on level of rewards member has reached or achieved.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Points And Rewards Account?

You can keep track of your points balance and current offers by logging into your account at Additionally members will receive text notifications when new coupons/points have been earned as well special promotions relevant to their membership status .

Can I Manage Multiple Speedway Reward Accounts On One Platform?

Only one individual (name/tiny referred ) per reward sign up form is allowed , but multiple accounts can be logged in with different login credentials from the same device making it a breeze for household family sharing

We hope that these answers helped clear up any questions you may have had about! With its easy-to-navigate platform and great offers, becoming a loyalty member will give you more reason than ever before to choose Speedways for all your gas station needs. Get signed up today!

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