Rev Up Your Rewards with How to Maximize Your Savings and Perks

Short answer: www speedway com rewards:

Speedway Rewards is a loyalty program offered by the convenience store chain Speedway. Members earn points for purchases, refueling, and participating in promotions. Points can be redeemed for discounts on gas and merchandise or converted to gift cards. Signup is free and available online at

How to Maximize Your Savings with Rewards

Are you tired of constantly spending too much money at the gas pump? Do you frequently find yourself wondering how to save more and spend less when filling up your tank? Look no further than Rewards!

With Speedway Rewards, you can maximize your savings and earn rewards with every purchase. Here’s how it works:

Firstly, simply create an account on the Speedway website or app. This will allow you to keep track of all of your purchases as well as any rewards earned. Then, start earning points by using your Speedy Rewards card every time you make a purchase at a participating Speedway location.

For every dollar spent on fuel purchases or inside goods like snacks or drinks, members earn 10 points. The more often that customers fill up their vehicles or grab some munchies for the road from their local Speedway store, the faster those points will accumulate!

Once enough points have been accumulated (depending on what level member someone is), they can be redeemed for various types of rewards such as “Free Gas”, free food/snacks premium car washes and even discounts off merchandise in-store.

However here’s where things really get exciting: if customers shop during special promotional periods throughout the year such as Speedy Bonus Days – which offer customers lots of added benefits just for shopping – they’ll also have chances to earn double/triple bonus points per transaction.

Moreover there are other great ways users may not be aware about:

Speedway has partnered with different brands across industries – theaters, retail outlets and hotels etc- giving’ instant access to partner offers through their online portal – ‘Discounts Hub’ . To access these deals alll one neds do is sign in with credentials avaialble while registering fo rthe Reward program .

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But wait…there’s still MORE!

Fuel savings might seem like an obvious way to put dollars back into pockets via this loyalty programme but few people realize that getting oil changes done at Speedway locations can also be a great way to save. With the Auto Speed Perks program, anyone who purchases four oil changes upfront earns 5,000 bonus points and gets their fifth oil change for free.

Customers can now choose from two program options as well: the standard Speedy Rewards program or the Superfast option which is invitation only & is designed specifically with customers in mind that spend more $ on gas at each visit – thereby getting even higher rewards/benefits than what would already work out under normal circumstances.

So there you have it! The endless benefits of using Rewards to keep your wallet full and your vehicle fuelled up throughout all seasons – If saving money isn’t enough incentive then perhaps extra perks by signing up will tickle someones fancy ; so sign up today before missing out becomes a potential reality!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Up for Rewards

Are you a fan of Speedway gas stations and convenience stores? Do you like saving money on fuel and snacks? Then it’s time to sign up for Speedway Rewards! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to become part of the Rewards program so that you can start earning points and enjoying all the perks.

Step 1: Visit

First things first – head over to the official website at This is where you’ll find everything related to the rewards program, as well as information about locations, products, promotions, careers and more.

Step 2: Click “Reward Cards & Promotions”

Once on the homepage, hover your mouse over “loyalty” or click on “Rewards Cards & Promotions” in the top menu. You’ll be directed to a page with a detailed description of what Speedway Rewards entails.

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Step 3: Sign Up Now!

Towards the bottom of the page ,you will notice buttons which says “Sign up now”. If its not available then no worries it might vary depending upon their offers.You will also get redirected by clicking create account under log in dialog box .Now enter some basic information such as email address,country,and zip code etc but make sure they are proper before moving forward.Here is an important fact;when creating password rules must include minimum one capital letter,number,special character(exclamation mark etc). After filling out all necessary fields,youneedto accept terms and conditions along with privacy policy.So don’t forget reading them carefully beforehand.After that just press submit button located downwards scrolling little bit.Always double check whether registration was successful or not!

Once registered follow below steps-

Step 4:Earning Points

There are several ways by which speedway members can earn points.Members receive 10 points per gallon purchased.Furthermore,top tier members receive extra bonuses.Therefore,the more frequently fill ups results in earning full amount quickly.

Step 5:Using the Points

Once have earned a good amount of points then it is time for redemption.Points can be used to purchase gas or other store products. We all know evergreen quote-“time is money”so,speedway members could save up their precious time with mobile app not waiting in line.Therefore,one must lookout for point pairings and mixing them correctly to get discounts.While redeeming,deducted amount reflects on receipt automatically resulting hassle free experience saving both times as well reducing cost too inherently.Speedy Rewards Gas Price Guarantee program offers that strategy to best combine with rewards through variety of channels like charging phones,paying restaurant bills etc.


Signing up for Speedway Rewards is quick,dreamily convenient too.You won’t regret joining when begin earning your benefits early on.Anyways one should always read terms along with conditions before signing because they may alter at any moment.Enjoy fuel savings,birthdays gift certificates,lifetime perks plus many more having control over transactions!

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions About Rewards

When it comes to fueling up and hitting the road, there’s one name that Americans have relied on for over 80 years – Speedway. And if you’re a frequent customer at this gas station and convenience store chain, you won’t want to miss out on its rewards program. But before you dive in headfirst, take a moment to read through these frequently asked questions about Speedway Rewards:

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1. What exactly is Speedway Rewards?
Speedway Rewards is the free loyalty program offered by Speedway that lets customers earn points every time they make purchases at any participating location across the United States.

2. How do I sign up for Speedway Rewards?
Signing up for Speedway Rewards couldn’t be easier! You can join online via or pick up an enrollment form in-store next time you visit your local Speedy Store. Once enrolled, simply present your digital or physical card scan them each time during check-out in order to start collecting valuable reward points!

3. Can I use my rewards points at all Speedways?
Yes! Your Reward Points can be redeemed at any of their locations throughout the country.

4. What kind of merchandise can I redeem with my rewards points?
Earned reward points are redeemable towards gasoline discounts as well gift cards from major brands such as Starbucks,Sephora Dunkin Donuts etc..

5. Is there a limit on how many times per day/week/month/year I’m allowed to claim my earned rewards Points?
Nope! As long as you’ve got enough active rewards points available within your account balance then feel free cash into some deserving good programs!

6.Is it possible we might get more perks/discounts than regular members by signing-up on specific days/dates/timings?
Yes sometimes they have promotional offers where while joining takes place only between certain periods which provides additional benefits like extra point returns with selective options on product purchase; always keep an eye out for promos or discounts to maximize your rewards gains.

7. Do reward points expire?
As long as you have an active membership in their Speedway Rewards program, your earned point balance will not expire, however they may reverse upon violating certain terms and hence keeping up with the minimum requirements of memberships is necessary!

So there you have it – everything you need to know about Speedway Rewards before signing up and hitting the road for that next trip or everyday activity. Ready to join? Enroll now online at today!

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