Rev Up Your Rewards: How to Register for Speedway Rewards

Short answer speedway rewards register:

Speedway Rewards is a loyalty program for customers of the Speedway convenience store chain. To register, visit the website and follow the prompts to create an account with your personal information. Once registered, you can start earning points towards discounts on future purchases.

Unlock The Benefits of Speedy Rewards: Registering for the Program Explained

Are you tired of waiting in long lines just to purchase your favorite snacks and drinks? Do you want to save money on gas while still enjoying a fun road trip? Then it’s time for you to unlock the benefits of Speedy Rewards! And the best way to do that is by registering for their program.

First things first, what exactly is Speedy Rewards?

Speedway Gas Stations, one of the largest fuel retailers in North America, introduced its loyalty program called Speedy Rewards. The company launched this award-winning rewards program back in 2004 with an aim to provide its customers with fantastic discounts and exclusive deals.

By clicking on “register” at the top right corner of Speedway’s website or by downloading the mobile application named ‘Speedway,’ customers can sign up for free membership within minutes.

Step-by-step Process:

The registration process takes only a few minutes! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go To The Website or Mobile App
Go to or download ‘Speedway’ from Google Play Store / Apple iTunes App Store

2. Fill Out Your Basic Information
Enter your basic contact details such as name, email address, phone number, etc into provided fields accordingly.

3. Create A User Name & Password
Create a unique user name & password combination which will be used as login credentials every time

4. Verify Your Account
You will receive an OTP (One Time Pin) via email so enable verification process

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5. Start Earning Points!
You are now ready to connect and get all the offers available!

Benefits Of Registering For The Program:

Whether you’re looking for discounts on petroleum products like diesel or gasoline prices; food cravings satisfied through energy-packed snacks or ice-cold beverages – all can be easily achieved through speedy rewards account registration – providing exciting benefits like:

• Exclusive Discount Offers:
When registered users swipe their cards at checkout points towards purchases made at qualifying stores, points are accumulated which can be later redeemed for various prizes or items. Members also receive exclusive offers through emails and notifications about special discounts on food, beverages, or auto supplies.

• Free Fuel Points:
Members earn free fuel rewards by purchasing in-store products regularly after swiping a card at checkout; these earned points equate to cents-per-gallon savings that can be used during the user’s next refueling process.

• Faster Checkout Process:
Directly redeeming coupons via mobile app saves time and provides fraud-proof services requiring zero paper wastage while checking out from stores

• Digital Coupons:
Digital/Coupon codes obtained through email offers have several options including so-called “limited-time” deals with excessive discount percentages applied only for speedy reward program members!


In essence, anyone who fulfills registration criteria without any cost has access to dozens of benefits available which bring immense satisfaction & monetary benefits all in one neat package – alongside excellent customer service support provided specifically for those seeking help online – in-person or over-call troubleshooting solutions each step of the way!

Speedway Rewards Register FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Speedway Rewards is a loyalty program that allows customers to earn and redeem points for purchases made at Speedway gas stations. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and rewarding! If you’re considering joining the program or have already signed up, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you get started.

Q: How do I sign up for Speedway Rewards?

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A: Signing up for Speedway rewards is easy. You can visit any participating Speedways location and ask an associate to register you, or you can quickly sign yourself online via the Speedway mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Q: What do I need to provide when registering?

A: The only thing required from you during registration is your name, phone number(optional), email address (optional). Afterward,you’ll be given a reward card which should always be presented during each purchase so as to accumulate reward points.

Q: Is it free to join the Speedway Rewards Program?

A: Yes! Registering with speedway rewards membership does not require any fee payments

Q. How much can I save with my Speedway rewards card?

A:The dollar value saved depends on how many points one has gained; however, every time a customer buys products worth $20 in-store product purchases earns 20 Base Points redeemed either by taking advantage of Reward Point discounts offers.

Q: What types of items qualify for earning points?

A:Different products purchased within store locations like gasoline services offered outside stores aren’t eligible where there’s no recordkeeping scheme.

They include candy bars,bottled water,gasoline,pizza slices,Yoohoo drinks,cigarettes just among others

Q:Is there a maximum limit of earned points that i am allowed accrue

Ans : NO!!! Customers have limitless opportunities of coupon coupons in relation to bonus point once they reach certain thresholds

Q.How soon after making loyal points purchases(earning rewards points) can I redeem my rewards?

Once accruals history reached a certain cap i.e. – 1,000 base points = $1 savings off the total purchase price at any of our stores where customers wish to learn more should visit also adding up which products qualify towards earning them.

Q:Do my Rewards Points expire?

Ans : Yes, these Reward Points will collect and be available for redemption or earn other bonuses for at most one year from that day they were granted.

In conclusion,SPEEDWAY REWARDS provides an excellent opportunity t0 receive discounts savings on their purchases, provided you shop regularly within Speedway locations in-store.You definitely need this deal as it is your chance to save money while spending money with no catches!

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Maximize Your Savings with Speedway’s Rewards Program: Learn How to Register

As a regular driver, you may have searched for different ways to maximize savings on your purchases. Well, look no further than Speedway’s Rewards Program! With this program, not only can you save money at the pump and in-store but also earn rewards points that can be redeemed for free merchandise.

So how do you get started? First and foremost, head over to Speedway’s website or download their mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded or logged in through your preferred web browser, navigate to the “Rewards” section of the site/app where you will find two registration options – one for non-existing members and another for existing Speedy Rewards club members who’d like access via online account management.

If you are new to the program, click on ‘Join Speedy Rewards’ then fill out all required information including name; email address; home address; phone number etc., select what notification alerts & messages should be sent (This includes news about member-exclusive promotions), Date of birth as those with birthdays receive offers – Including free birthday swag!

Once registered our Tips:

1) Always use your reward card when making purchases within any participating petrol station.

2) Be attentive always pay attention as some items such size(supersize) increases earned points.

3) Check in regularly even if just once a week redeem point before they become obsolete

Now You’re part of today’s smart folks letting speedway give them an added saving boost cushion. Remember it can take time for “pent-up” rebates which generally process by batches monthly so exercise patience while waiting for larger spendings’ bigger better rewards!.

There is genuinely no downside whatsoever to joining Speedway’s Reward Program. Not only will it help save up noticeably over relatively short periods efficiently but ensure earning extra aspects too—signing up help simplify checkout processes displaying list earned perks providing digitized receipts plus lots more.
Therefore sign up today experience firsthand the exceptional convenience of maximized earnings system of petrol purchases.

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