Rev Up Your Holiday Spirit with Christmas Lights at Motor Speedway

Short answer: Christmas Lights Motor Speedway is a drive-thru holiday light display located in Athens, Texas that features over 1 million LED lights synchronized to music.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Visit Christmas Lights Motor Speedway

Are you ready to bask in the holiday spirit and experience some dazzling Christmas lights? Look no further than the Christmas Lights Motor Speedway, located in Inola, Oklahoma. This drive-through attraction boasts over 2 miles of twinkling light displays, synchronized music shows, and festive decorations sure to delight visitors of all ages.

But before you hit the road for your trip to this winter wonderland, read on for our step-by-step tutorial on how to make the most out of your visit:

Step 1: Plan Your Visit
Before heading out to the Christmas Lights Motor Speedway, be sure to plan ahead by checking their website or social media pages for hours of operation and any special events or discounts available during your visit. Also consider factors such as traffic flow during peak hours and weather conditions that may impact your viewing experience.

Step 2: Purchase Tickets
Tickets are sold online at a reasonable price per vehicle so load up friends or family into one car (or rent a stretch limo) because there’s no better time than now! Avoid long lines by purchasing tickets beforehand as they tend sell quickly closer towards Christmas week-end dates.

Step 3: Arrive Early
Avoid large crowds and waiting times by arriving early if possible especially during Friday through Sunday nights. The gates open at dusk so we recommend getting there right around that time OR if you really want a unique experience arrive earlier when it’s still light outside so check in advance with staff for opening times since it does vary based-off daylight savings.

Step 4: Tune into FM radio station
Turn onto FM Radio Station which is displayed everywhere inside front gate entrance once parked/displayed numbers matching should tune into said frequency channel). Blast music and watch along lighting display create spectacular choreography set-up viewed from within car continuing mile pass mile!

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Pro tip:
Pack extra blankets/coats/comfortable clothing items & snacks + drinks- just remember don’t get too cozy to binge everything all at once! Take breaks as necessary sticking hands out of the window for fresh air break after passing an amazing long stretch of lights.

Step 5: Stay in Your Vehicle
As you drive through the Christmas Lights Motor Speedway, it’s important to remember that this is a drive-thru experience. Visitors must remain inside their vehicles at all times and follow posted speed limits while enjoying the light shows.

Step 6: Respect Other Drivers
Remember when driving that there could potentially be other cars behind you. Please pay attention to signs/ turns/hvazardssending indication along way down turn lanes lit-up snowman, reindeer or ornament decorations to signal other drivers what’s ahead. You can show yours by leaving your high beams off so no unnecessary distraction occurs!

In conclusion:
Visiting Christmas Lights Motor Speedway will bring magic into your holiday season sure to leave lasting memories with family and friends alike – just make sure to plan ahead/prep/research best options before arriving early/on time show respect towards others around happening beauty offered one-of-a-kind festive atmosphere available in

Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas Lights Motor Speedway Answered

As the Christmas season fast approaches, excitement is building up for the spectacular annual event that is the Christmas Lights Motor Speedway. The event has grown in popularity over the years and attracted thousands of attendees looking to enjoy a fantastic display of lights, music and festive cheer.

If you’re planning on attending this year’s show or interested in learning more about what it has to offer, then take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

What Is The Christmas Lights Motor Speedway?

The Christmas Lights Motor Speedway is an outdoor holiday light display show held every year from November to January at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. It features over 4 million bright LED lights covering areas like tunnels, race tracks and displays all around the venue with accompanying music synced perfectly with your drive path and radio station broadcasted on FM frequency.

Why Should I Go To This Event?

The answer is simple – If you are someone who loves driving through beautiful illuminated landscapes especially during holidays then why not visit one of America’s Premier Holiday Light Parks? You’ll get to experience amazing light displays while enjoying festivities such as live entertainment shows, Santa visits, food vendors where visitors can also go ice-skating!

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How Long Does The Show Last And When Does It Happen?

Starting its season usually from mid-November thru early January 2022 making full access available daily between 6 pm – 10 pm Sunday–Thursday & extended hours till midnight on Friday-Saturday (exceptions might be there ;-)) But hey! Keep yourself updated via their website or social media pages!

Is There An Admission Fee For Entry Ticket Purchase?

Yes! Pricing details are yet officially out but they range somewhere typically between $25-$35 per standard car load basis. Don’t forget; reservations should be made before arriving ideally because tickets sell quickly and wait times start increasing concordantly.

Can Visitors Exit Their Cars During The Drive-Thru Experience?
Unfortunately no one could step out of their vehicles before completing whole circuit for any reason whatsoever, safety reasons are consciously taken care of to make sure every guest’s experience is a smooth and safe journey. Restroom facilities available in the midway on certain spots!

Are There Any Discounts Available?
Yes! Discounts are usually offered like Military Discount that allows for $5 off admission price or group packages (for larger groups with advance reservations) which could offer more saving per ticket overall.

Is The Event Pet-Friendly?
Unfortunately nope! For your pet’s own comfort & ease, they would recommend you leaving furry friends at home given chilly weather conditions combo noise issues while inside cars around madding crowd it might not go so fun as imagined making them uncomfortable uneasy sleepers throughout ride..

Can Visitors Bring Their Own Food And Beverages?
No outside food/snacks/drinks allowed but there’ll be plenty of options from vendors selling hot-chocolate, coffee and other refreshments.

Safety Measures Taken Care Off During Such Lightweight Events?

Well obviously yes! Since Covid-19 outbreak began last year resulting in new normal taking over world

How to Make the Most out of Your Visit to Christmas Lights Motor Speedway

As the holiday season approaches, people are excitedly planning their visit to Christmas Lights Motor Speedway. This stunning speedway is renowned for its spectacular display of twinkling lights and thrilling festive-themed races. For those who have never visited this popular attraction before, here’s a detailed guide on how you can make the most out of your visit.

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Plan Ahead

To fully enjoy your experience at Christmas Lights Motor Speedway, start by planning ahead. Get hold of tickets in advance to avoid unnecessary queuing or delays at the ticket counter. Make sure to check for online deals that offer discounts on entry fees or special packages. Also consider checking weather forecasts ahead of time as outdoor activities like these could become hindered by rainy or snowy conditions.

Dress Appropriately

During winter nights, it’s essential that you dress comfortably and warmly. The atmosphere throughout the circuit tends to be chilly due to cold winds blowing over from nearby lakes thus wearing layers would ensure warmth while moving around freely.You should also bring extra warm blankets if need be especially when seated outside during long events.

Get There Early

Christmas Lights Motor Speedway attracts many visitors each year so getting early will help evade large crowds heading towards the course.Cut down traffic jams which occur especially during rush hour timings leaving enough space for parking.Finding prime spots reserved closer to designated interest points within requires one get there beforehand too.Consider arriving an hour earlier than scheduled arrival time provided with details about gates opening up prior starting flags waved off .

Explore Every Corner of the Speedyway Property

Relish all sections inside Christmas Light motor speedway properly.Apart from race sessions happening participants may want take photos and videos just having fun besides viewing miraculous light show.The pit area presents perfect opportunity where guests interact closely with drivers -tuned machines.Put aside personal interests but explore areas covered taking turns.First timer tips; try visiting refreshment stalls grabbing some snacks buying souvenirs suited tastes produced locally as gift for loved ones in Christmas mood that conforms with the celebration.Clean restrooms inside also provide save haven for frequent restroom breaks.

Experience All Rides

Ride on go-carts or rent quad bikes where available depending on age and personal preference.These rides are specifically designed to thrill guests of all ages, providing them with unique experiences at an affordable rate.Motor Speedway-goers having kids could try mini train ride heading through luminescent trees,animals situated along decorated sides as one gets really immersed into holiday.As train circles around view delightful scenes created by local artists leading straight to Santa’s Lap taking pictures besides sightseeing.

In conclusion, following these tips will guarantee you a wonderful experience while visiting Christmas Lights Motor Speedway. Planning ahead, dressing appropriately for cold weather conditions,eagerly unlocking sections unexplored plus thoroughly experiencing every possible ride ensures excited smiles before leaving the circuit back home.Remember if unsure which path follow guidance from helpful stewards present eagerly waiting show visitors around interesting courses guaranteed to have lifetime memories cherished forever.

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