Rev Up Your Fleet Management with Speedway’s Top-Notch Customer Service

Short answer Speedway Fleet Card Customer Service: The Speedway Fleet Card offers customer service 24/7 through a toll-free phone number and online account management. Assistance is available for issues with billing, card activation, fuel purchases or lost/stolen cards.

How to Contact Speedway Fleet Card Customer Service: A Step-by-Step Guide

Speedway Fleet Card is a reliable and convenient fuel card designed to help businesses save money on their fleet’s fuel expenses. Whether you’re managing a large or small fleet, this card offers efficient payment options for fuel purchases at over 2,700 Speedway locations nationwide. While the benefits of having a Speedway Fleet Card are many, it is essential for any business owner to have easy access to customer service in case they encounter any issues with their account.

Fortunately, contacting Speedway Fleet Card Customer Service is easy and straightforward. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get in touch:

Step 1: Visit the Speedway Website

The first step in reaching out to Speedway Fleet Card Customer Service is visiting the official website. On the homepage of the website, click on “Contact Us” located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Select “Fleet Fuel Cards” Product

In order to contact SpeedWay’s Specifically Fleets team next choose “Product related” tab where you can select “Fuel Cards”.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Method of Contact

On selecting “Fuel Cards”, there will be an option list opening up which consist numerous methods such as Call (888) 993-2887 toll-free phone number , Submit A Request Online by filling out necessary details regarding issue faced through online form assistance or Chat Live With Their Team.

Choose whichever way suits your preference best and reach out right away!


If submitting an online request or using live chat, make sure that you provide all information adequately – from identifying yourself as a current cardholder under which account classification category like commercial enterprise etc., add personal/contact info i.e name & email Id so one support member can get back quickly.

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In conclusion, navigating customer service channels may not always be simple but by following our Step-by-step guide; customers should find getting connected with speedway’s Fleets Support team hassle-free and much easier. If there are any further concerns or more question related to this issue, the Speedway Fleet Card team is here to help!

FAQs about Speedway Fleet Card Customer Service: Answers to Your Questions

Are you a frequent user of Speedway Fleet Cards for your business? Have you ever faced any issues or uncertainties during the usage process and wondered who to approach? Well, worry no more! Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Speedway Fleet Card customer service that can assist you:

Q: What services does Speedway Fleet Card customer support team offer?
A: The esteemed customer support team at Speedway provides extensive services aimed at ensuring smooth and efficient use of their fleet card. Their primary purpose is to answer customers’ queries related to billing, transactions, reporting, security protocols, and general inquiries about managing your account.

Q: How do I get in touch with the customer care department of Speedway?
A: To contact the superbly trained staff at Speedway’s help desk center, visit their website under ‘Contact Us’, where they provide multiple options such as telephonic assistance (1-800-643-1948), mail communication (2434 Sandersville Rd., Lexington KY 40511), fax number (859) 263-5226 & email ([](

Q: Can I change my Speedy Rewards Points redemption preference using my Sprint eFleet mobile app?
A: Yes! It’s possible; simply log on through or from within your Sprint eFleet Mobile App.

Q: Am I eligible for warranty protection when using fuel purchased with my gasoline credit card?
A: In case of an emergency issue due to defective quality fuel provided by the dealer while filling up gas using your fleet card issued by Chevrolet into “network branded stations,” then yes.

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Q : Is there any limit associated with payment made via Cards ?
A : No Limits ! At speedways There isn’t any limitation specified concerning payments done through fleet-cards except if otherwise stipulated in specific domestic tax laws.

Q : Can someone try to misuse my Speedway fleet-card protection code?
A : No! Every buyer’s card possesses a personal identification number (PIN) that is only visible on the customer’s paperwork or eCommerce account. You are solely responsible for keeping it private and not sharing it with anyone, even if somebody claims to be from Speedway’s administration team.

Q: What should I do if my card gets lost/stolen/not functional?
A: Notify your speedway representative immediately via any means available as any delays in reaching out may leave you and your business susceptible to fraudulent scenarios.

In Conclusion:

Speedway Fleet Card customer support gives their clients a hassle-free solution by standing behind every transaction made through their fuel cards, offering 24/7 assistance complying with their customers’ needs beyond satisfactory services. They always make an effort to improve client experiences using cutting-edge technology and strive towards building rapport between themselves and the customer base ensuring good communication & connectivity channels routes open at all times giving them multiple options of interaction over voice/email/fax/relevant mobile applications etc..

Expert Tips on How You Can Get the Best out of Speedway Fleet Card Customer Service

As a business owner, using Speedway Fleet Cards can provide great benefits for your fleet management. One of the many advantages is their exceptional customer service support that helps you manage your account effectively and efficiently.

However, not everyone may be aware of all the services offered by Speedway Fleet Card customer support or how to make the most out of them.

To help you fully take advantage of these resources, we’ve compiled expert tips on how to get the best out of Speedway Fleet Card customer service:

1. Know What Services Are Available

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with all the services available from Speedway Fleet Cards’ Customer Service team. They offer 24/7 assistance through phone calls, emails and online chats.

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You can do everything from monitoring fuel transactions and managing account settings to resolving any issues related to card usage or billing-related concerns.

2. Keep Your Account Information Up-to-date

Make sure your contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers are updated so that it is always easy reach out in case there are changes in policies etc., Speedways regularly update their terms & conditions regarding usage fees if applicable due dates /deadlines for payment; change in discount rates etc., so keeping information current also ensures you’re getting heard immediately when urgent matters arise!

3. Monitor Fuel Transactions Regularly

One significant benefit of using speedway fleet cards is real-time reporting tools enabling businesses to monitor all fuel transactions proactively around-the-clock without needing an active employee checking every field record manually (saving time). It safeguards against fraudulent activities like skimming cards at gas pumps ads security too! Moreover it helps track oddities, making sure they resolve accurately quickly before dents hits accounts triggering costly overdraft penalties!

4.Understand Billing Statements clearly

Fleet card users have daily oversight on multiple expenses done during buying facitilities but those put together into monthly statements which describes itemized spending details apart from already mentioned weekly reports mailed directly makes reconciling the accounting with speedways more streamlined and stress-free.

Take time out to understand your statement and keep track of all your transactions regularly. Any discrepancy should be reported promptly so that it can resolve immediately, avoiding complications going ahead!

5. Leverage Learning resources

Speedway offers a library full of online knowledge base for better manageability; includes detailed explanations about every tool – how they work correctly which most couldn’t leverage due to unawareness.,

There are also webinars where trained professionals guide users through their effective usage techniques demonstrating live mapping route-planning analysis or budget tools useful tips & tricks on accounts management . The benefit here is improving interface efficiency at handling tricky issues autonomously without asking customer service reps’ help each time _timely resolution & saving productive man-hours_

6. Provide Feedback Regularly

Finally, communication’s essence necessitates timely feedback provided by both ends in dealing with misunderstanding / troubleshooting problems smoother/clearly communicating requirements helps training (reduce recurring mistakes) as well lessening urgency of repetitive call volume lowering operational costs creating an optimal working environment coherence

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