Rev Up Your Engines: Exploring the Thrills of Speedway Auto Mall

Short answer speedway auto mall:

Speedway Auto Mall is a car dealership located in Machesney Park, Illinois. It offers a wide range of new and used vehicles from various brands, as well as financing services and vehicle maintenance at its service center.

Speedway Auto Mall: The Ultimate Destination for Car Shoppers

When it comes to purchasing a car, the entire process can be overwhelming and daunting. However, with Speedway Auto Mall, you can breathe a sigh of relief as they have made car shopping easy, enjoyable and exciting.

Located in Independence, Missouri – Speedway Auto Mall is the ultimate destination for car shoppers. They feature an impressive inventory of new and used vehicles from top brands such as Chevrolet, Kia, Ford and many more!

What sets Speedway Auto Mall apart from its competitors is their personalized approach to customer service. Their team of experts are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and requirements before helping you find the perfect car. The experienced sales staff will take you through a detailed consultation process where they will go above and beyond to help you make an informed decision that meets all your expectations.

Aside from their extensive range of vehicles, Speedway Auto Mall also offers flexible financing options that cater to both first-time buyers and seasoned customers alike. With on-site financing specialists available at their showroom, getting approved for auto loans or lease packages has never been easier.

One common issue that often leads to dissatisfaction among potential car buyers is the lack of transparency during negotiations. However, at Speedway Auto Mall – there’s no room for confusion or ambiguity as they prioritize transparency above everything else. They provide upfront pricing on all their cars which ensures that customers can make informed financial decisions without feeling pressured or misled.

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Moreover, Speedway Auto Mall offers top-notch after-sales services including routine maintenance checks and repairs carried out by skilled technicians who use cutting-edge tools for optimal results.


Buying a car requires significant investment both financially as well as emotionally. That’s why choosing the right dealership makes all the difference in ensuring a satisfactory buying experience. If you’re looking for an automotive dealer with an impressive inventory of reliable vehicles combined with exceptional customer service – look no further than Speedway Auto Mall!

Speedway Auto Mall FAQ: Answering Your Questions About Our Services

Are you considering getting a new car or having your current one serviced? Look no further than Speedway Auto Mall, your one-stop-shop for all things automotive! We understand that making any decisions about your vehicle can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through our services.

Q: Can I trade-in my old vehicle when purchasing a new car?
A: Absolutely! We accept trade-ins and assign the appropriate value to be credited towards your purchase. Our experienced and professional sales team will assess the condition of your vehicle and provide you with an offer that’s fair and competitive.

Q: Do you offer financing?
A: Yes, we do. Our finance department works with a variety of lenders to help you secure a loan at competitive rates that fit your budget. Don’t let past credit issues discourage you as we specialize in assisting customers acquire financing regardless of their credit scores.

Q: How often should I have my oil changed?
A: For optimal engine performance, we recommend changing your oil every 5,000 miles or six months, depending on which comes first. Regular maintenance is key in keeping your car running smoothly and prolonging its lifespan.

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Q: What type of services do you offer in your service department?
A: Our service center offers everything from routine maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, inspections to major repairs such as brake replacements and engine rebuilds. Plus we exclusively provide our customers Wi-Fi connection conveniently available while they are waiting for their vehicles to be serviced.

Q: Can I schedule a service appointment online?
A: Absolutely! To schedule an appointment for our service department simply visit from the comfort of home or office via PC or smartphone, choose the service needed along with convenient date and time it suits on location scheduling availability.

We hope this FAQ has been helpful in answering any questions or concerns you may have had about our services. At Speedway Auto Mall, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service and a wide array of automotive services to our valued customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by anytime for a test drive 811 S Loop W Houston TX!

Step by Step Guide to Buying a Car at Speedway Auto Mall

Are you thinking about buying a car? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect vehicle for your needs. That’s where Speedway Auto Mall comes in! Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be cruising down the freeway in your dream car in no time.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Needs and Budget

Before you start looking for cars at Speedway Auto Mall, know what you’re looking for. Ask yourself some important questions like; What will the car be used for? How much can I afford to spend? Do I need specific features?

These questions will help narrow down your search and ensure that the vehicle you ultimately choose fits both your needs and budget.

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Step 2: Research Vehicles Online

The internet is your friend when it comes to researching vehicles prior to stepping onto the lot at Speedway Auto Mall. Read reviews of vehicles online to find out what current owners think. Check out manufacturer websites for information on safety ratings, features, fuel efficiency, and more!

By doing research ahead of time, you’ll have an idea which vehicles may fit your criteria best before hitting up against a pushy salesperson.

Step 3: Visit Speedway Auto Mall

When you visit the dealership make sure these things are with you:
-All necessary documents such as driver’s license
-Your insurance card
-Proof of income
-Payment method (cash or credit)

At Speedway Auto Mall, their associates are there to help answer any questions that may arise during your shopping process. They will work within your budget and secure financing if needed too!

Be sure to test drive any vehicle(s) you’ve researched thoroughly!

Step 4: Choose Your Vehicle

Once you’ve test-driven various models at Speedway Auto Mall to get a sense of their handling and performance characteristics – pick one which suits your needs perfect. Don’t get swayed by sales pitches on unnecessary extras or upgrades unless its something absolutely essential.

Step 5: Arrange the Financing

If you’re planning on financing your car, Speedway Auto Mall offers in-house financing or can find the best possible deals for you too. Speak to an associate about your options and what will work best for you.

Step 6: Finalize Your Purchase

Ensure all details of both parties (Seller vs Buyer) are written out clearly in the purchase agreement form. Once you’ve reviewed it carefully and agreed with everything; sign on the dotted line! Congratulations, you’re a proud new owner of a vehicle from Speedway Auto Mall!

Buying a new car can be nerve-wracking but at Speedway Auto Mall their knowledgeable associates take care of all the paperwork and will answer any questions that may arise. Follow these six steps for buying your next vehicle and drive off in style without any hassle!

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