Maximizing Your Speedway Business Fleet Card: Where to Use It for Maximum Benefits

Short answer: Where can I use my Speedway Business Fleet Card?

Speedway Business Fleet Cards are accepted at over 4,000 locations nationwide, including Speedway gas stations and affiliated fueling sites. The card can also be used for purchasing merchandise inside convenience stores and foodservice offerings at participating locations.

Navigating the Road Ahead: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Your Speedway Business Fleet Card

If you’re a business owner with no experience managing a fleet, the thought of keeping track of multiple vehicles and their expenses can be quite daunting. However, Speedway has made it easy for businesses to keep their fleets running smoothly by introducing the Speedway Business Fleet Card. This card is an all-in-one solution that not only saves time and money but also helps streamline your company’s fuel management needs.

Here’s how you can navigate the road ahead with Speedway Business Fleet Card:

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up for a Speedway Business Fleet Card online or at any participating location. The process is simple and straightforward, so just follow the prompts on the screen or speak to one of our staff members.

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive personalized cards for each of your drivers within days. You’ll also have access to an online account where you can manage every aspect of your fleet‘s fuel usage.

Step 2: Use Your Cards Wisely

Using these cards is easier than ever before even if most people do not carry cash anymore when fuelling cars’ tanks! Simply ask your driver to present their Speedway Business Fleet Card at any participating location – there are over 4,000 in the United States alone!

Speedway understands that things happen on-the-go or unplanned trips might be added last minute into schedules; therefore no worries as transactions like this outside plans will still reflect inside user’s accounts under details sections visible in logs in case users may need it later

Each card has individual limits set by either dollar amounts or gallons per transaction limits for fraud prevention purposes

The convenience doesn’t end here because they come equipped with built-in security features such as four-digit PINs unique to each driver —give lots shout-outs here about speedway doing everything possible ensuring safety while using there chards—

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In addition, Invoicing software available lets generate single comprehensive bills instead having too much billing paperwork cluttered all around different intervals and dates.

Step 3: Manage Your Account

Speedway makes it easy to manage your fleet‘s fuel usage from anywhere with an internet connection. You can set limits on each driver’s card—and even switch between a gallon or dollar amount allowance—making sure they don’t come up against anything unexpected along the way!

The platform also offers real-time access to data showing where, when, and how much money is spent by vehicles in use built into unique dashboard lets you know exactly what’s going on at every step of the way.

You can keep track of all kinds of factors such as which locations are being frequented frequently, record vehicle odometer readings about its overall performance/trends It provides updates via email reminders making business management one less thing burdened owners have less things to worry about whilst keeping tabs right there under their fingertips (digitally speaking).

In conclusion- Running any kind of successful business involves managing expenses — efficiently! So why make gasoline purchases complicated? Use Speedway Fleet Card for ultimate convenience without sacrificing safety/security features– There isn’t a better tool available that compares

Common Questions About Your Speedway Business Fleet Card Usage, Answered

If you’re a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, chances are you’ve heard of Speedway’s Business Fleet Card program. These cards offer many benefits to your company, such as the ability to track expenses and earn rebates on fuel purchases. But despite these advantages, there may be some questions or concerns you have regarding their usage.

To help clear up any confusion, we’ve compiled some common inquiries about your Speedway Business Fleet Card that you might have:

How is my card different from a regular Speedway Rewards Card?

While both cards can be used at all Speedway locations nationwide and accumulate points for discounts on future gas purchases, the Business Fleet Card offers additional features specifically designed for commercial customers. For instance, it allows for multiple drivers’ names to be listed on one account and enables detailed reporting of transactions by driver. The fleet manager has greater control over card usage limits and security measures like pin numbers.

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What if I need more than one card per vehicle?

That’s not an issue! Depending on how many employees will be driving each vehicle in your fleet, you can request multiple cards linked to one specific car or truck. Simply reach out to customer service with this request so they can ensure all necessary fields are filled out correctly before sending new plastic.

What kind of fuel does the card cover?

The Business Fleet Card covers gasoline only – no diesel or other types of fuels (such as propane). You also won’t be able to purchase anything besides gas using funds allocated through this type of payment method; snacks or other convenience store items must be paid another way.

Are there transaction limits associated with my card usage?

Yes – when signing up for the program online (or via phone), managers have options including setting daily spending caps or maximum single-purchase amounts permitted per person/cardholder. This puts added safeguards into place so administrative teams don’t face surprises when statements arrive weeks later!

Can these cards lead to time-sensitive issues settling disputes/debt?

No – transactions appear on a detailed monthly invoice sent out electronically or by mail; all purchases get coded based on vendor (gas station location), date, and amount. This helps accounting teams more easily spot fraudulent charges as well.

What kind of reporting do these cards offer for my business analysis?

Fleet managers have access to multiple reports that can be run inside their digital portal, breaking down driver statistics like miles driven or gallons pumped to track performance against other routes in the area. They may also see redemption data on accumulated points/rebates awarded through Speedway’s Points Program. These features help businesses benchmark employee efficiency over time and make better strategic decisions geared towards cost reductions.

We hope this post answered some common questions you may have about your Business Fleet Card program with Speedway. By using this tool effectively you will almost certainly accrue benefits over time including greater control over gas expenses and monitoring costs associated with fossil fuel consumption!

10 Unexpected Places to Use Your Speedway Business Fleet Card – and Save!

When it comes to managing your business fleet, expenses can easily add up. Thankfully, having a Speedway Business Fleet Card in hand helps you save on fuel purchases and streamline expense management. But did you know that there are many unexpected places where you can use the card to save even more? Here are ten creative ways to maximize the benefits of your Speedway Business Fleet Card:

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1. Car washes – Keep your company vehicles looking their best by taking advantage of discounts at participating car wash locations when paying with your Speedway card.

2. Rental cars – If some employees ever need rental cars for work purposes or travel, booking through certain providers such as Alamo and National could offer savings on rates and insurance fees if paid for with the Speedway fleet card.

3. Hotels – Just like rental cars, using your fleet card for work-related hotel stays may come with perks such as special room rates or reward points accumulation offers.

4. Roadside assistance services – Many roadside service companies’ partners include PetroPass which offers discounted services including maintenance and recovery services exclusively offered on payment made via speedway cards

5.Restaurants- Eating out is something most corporations do regularly but doing so could become way cheaper provided they pay order billings using speedway cards since discounts application has been introduced recently

6.Retail shopping centers-At selected retail stores within Ohio’s Miami Common Preferred Customer program exclusive deals will be available only through making payments Via enlisted options inclusive option being “Fleetcor Technologies’

7.Auto parts shops-Sometimes emergency breakdowns requires getting automotive parts fixed without prior scheduling,you no longer have to dig deeper into pockets just stride down participants(autozone) who give mileage rewards allured upon purchase transactions conducted via Speedy Rewards Mastercarded powered by Award winner Discovery network at filling stations countrywide . Savings range from $0.05-$0.10/gallon amongst other promotions .

8.Online retailers-Web based transactions introduce whole new level of business revenue streams One such example is activating your designated Visa Fleet Account number at Amazon offer catering to purchasing or credit cash back facility being 1$ per gallon

9.Office supplies – Use your Speedway card for purchases at major office supply chains like Office Depot and Staples, where discounts are available on various goods including the latest furniture you recently saw online.

10.Hardware stores- On hardware store voucher no more extra charges when buying materials from participating chains Ace No label Stonebridge with bonuses totalling $0.05/gallon covering both propane amd natural gas services
Speedway has a lot to offer aside fuel savings.Enjoy diverse benefits included in partnering with them so go ahead spend that money but this time save instead!

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