Insider Insights: Life as a Former Speedway W2 Employee

Short answer speedway w2 former employee:

Former employees of Speedway can access their W-2 forms through the ADP portal. Contact HR or visit for more information.

How to Access Your Speedway W2 as a Former Employee: Step-by-Step Instructions

Fellow former Speedway employees, do you find yourself struggling to access your W2 form? Fear not! With our step-by-step guide, we’ll have you locating that precious document in no time.

Step 1: Head over to the Speedway Employee Self Service portal.
As a former employee, it is essential to remember that you no longer have access to the company intranet. Therefore, you must head over to their Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal manually. Seeing as how this was likely ingrained into your memory during your tenure with the team, this should be easy peasy.

Step 2: Enter Your Former Username and Password
Once on the ESS homepage, sign-in using your previous login credentials – username and password alike. If perchance they slip from your memory banks or “brain dumps” amidst all of life’s daily hustle-and-bustle woes; there are options for resetting them provided right on the page. Easy enough so far – correct?

Step 3a: Locate The Appropriate Link To Access Your Electronic W2 Form
After logging in go ahead and navigate around inside ESS until you arrive at either “Payroll Information,” OR ”W2s Forms.” Select one of these links before moving onto Step 4 below..

Simple enough – just two clicks stand between accessing that ever-vital earnings statement for old times’ sake.

But Wait… There’s More!

Sometimes nothing goes according to plan initially even if everything seems smooth sailing thus far while finding employment after leaving an organization can serve up various intricacies beyond standard job-search protocol–exotic benefit packages being ex-(or still vital). Suppose yours came wrapped-up tightly within some third-party services such as ADP or Equifax…well — fear not my peoples since those handful-of-headaches merely call for reaching out directly via customer service channels supplied by those companies (likely phone numbers listed somewhere on your final, outgoing pay stub).

Step 3b: Contact Third-Party Provider for Further Assistance
Remember how we mentioned that life is full of curveballs? This can be one such example. In the unthinkable event in which you run into a roadblock while trying to track down your W2 form, simply reach out via phone or customer service portal provided by ADP or Equifax directly for further assistance.

So what happens now?! Whether smooth sailing from here on out following our Steps OR climbing over subsequent obstacles (hopefully not too rocky!), worry no more! You will possess all the necessary information and know-how bits to successfully claim access to those oh-so-elusive earnings statements. You’re welcome speed demons!

Speedway W2 Former Employee FAQ: Answers to Common Questions

Working at Speedway W2 can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, but like any job, it may come with its challenges. As someone who has moved on from the company, there are likely questions you have about what to expect during your time there or what may happen after you leave. Here are some common FAQs that former employees ask about their Speedway W2 employment:

Q: How do I get hired at Speedway W2?
A: The hiring process typically involves submitting an online application and completing an interview with store management. It’s important to emphasize customer service skills, availability for flexible scheduling, and willingness to handle tasks such as operating a cash register or stocking shelves.

Q: What is the work schedule like at Speedway W2?
A: Schedules tend to vary based on store needs and employee availability. Typically you will receive weekly schedules in advance but they often change due to call-ins or emergencies.

Q: Is there room for advancement within the company?
A: While opportunities for promotion depend greatly on individual performance and available openings within the company structure yes speedway offers various training programs for development of individulals interested in promoting internally.

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Q: What benefits does Speedway W2 offer employees?

A: Employees can enjoy medical insurance options, dental & vision coverage ,401k plans match upto 6%, paid time off accruals including sick days etc., uniform allowances and continuous internal training programs

Q: Does SpeedwayW2 drug test new hires?
A : Yes – Speedway requires pre-employment screenings which includes drug testing

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Q: Do I get discounts working at speedwayw2 ?
A.Yes! Employee discount cards save 10% off merchandise purchases along with monthly bonus opprtunities rewarded through achieving sales goals set up by cpmpany

Aside from these frequently asked questions give other tipsfor cleaning equipment Keeping workplace saftey protocols active etc. Tips to maintain a professional appearance and attitude while on the job,contact information for HR if need arises and lastly formulating your personal goals to make most out of the learnings during speedway’s employee career journey .

Finding Employment Opportunities After Speedway: Tips for Former Employees

For many individuals, working at Speedway has been a source of income and stability. However, with recent changes in ownership and the resulting layoffs, former employees may be left feeling stranded as they navigate the job market. If you are one of these individuals wondering how to find employment opportunities after Speedway, here are some tips to consider.

Update Your Resume

Your resume is your first impression for potential employers, so make sure it’s up-to-date and relevant. Highlight your experience at Speedway by mentioning specific projects or tasks you managed that showcase transferable skills like problem-solving abilities or attention to detail.


Reaching out to friends, family members or other professionals who know about available job openings can give you an edge when looking for new work. You can also join online groups dedicated to job-hunting or career-building on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Consider Alternative Work Options

If traditional jobs don’t seem appealing or hard-to-come-by currently, try exploring alternative options. Gig economy work through apps such as Uber/Lyft driving services carrier excellent hourly pay rates while offering flexible scheduling hours.

Take Advantage of Government-Sponsored Programs

The government provides access to resources that specifically help unemployed individuals get back into the workforce; these include training programs and certification workshops. These opportunities can enhance your professional skill set substantially!

Stay Positive & Focused

Keep in mind that finding a new opportunity may take time- staying positive throughout this period will greatly benefit-int perspectives regarding challenges! Remembering any learned lessons from prior positions gone awry creates wiser decisions moving forward towards newer stable employment opportunities that match career aspirations better.

In summary: Finding alternative occupations takes patience but persistence pays off! With determined effort seeking various avenues (traditional offices VS.’s gig-economy-type ones) for instance -at times unconventional ways often lead down pathways less travelled proving worthy investments toward expanding one’s professional network ultimately landing desired gainful permanent roles Vs just “succumbing to” occasional “job offer invites”. Therefore keeping a “glass-half-full” mentality while searching for re-employment opportunities for former Speedway employees will be beneficial overall and an invaluable tool when navigating unforeseen changes in career direction.

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