Discovering the Location of MIS Speedway: A Guide for Racing Enthusiasts

Short answer where is mis speedway:

Michigan International Speedway (MIS) is located in Brooklyn, Michigan, USA.

Step by step guide: finding your way to MIS Speedway

If you’re a motorsports enthusiast, chances are that MIS Speedway is on your bucket list. Located in Brooklyn, Michigan, this track has been the stage for some of the most thrilling races in NASCAR history. From Dale Earnhardt’s last win to Jeff Gordon’s dramatic victory over Mark Martin in 1998, MIS has provided fans with unforgettable moments.

However, if you’ve never been to MIS before, finding your way to this legendary racecourse can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate through the highways and byways of Michigan and arrive at the speedway like a pro.

Step 1: Plan your trip

Before you hit the road, make sure you have all the necessary information about MIS Speedway. Check their website ( for details regarding dates and times of upcoming events, parking options, ticket prices and other useful tips. Make sure to also research nearby lodging options if you plan on staying overnight after an event.

Step 2: Choose Your Route

Once you know when and where you’re heading to MIS Speedway from choose one of these three routes:

-Using I-94

-Lansing Area using I-96 or M14/I-275

-Detroit Area using US23/Michigan Ave/US12 or I-94W

The best route for which direction coming depends on what part of MI state traveling from but either option would work given driving time frame accounts potential traffic delay due to high volume attendance planned during large-scale events hosted there!

Step3 — Follow Signs To Track Location

Upon arriving within vicinity Detroit area bound origin trips use exit #156 A then proceed property located next Detroit Metropolitan Airport incoming from Lansing take same exit reference sources mentioned above earlier just follow signs pointing towards Speedway MI From city boundaries at Ann Arbor points north via US Hwy Twenty Three near Brighton township simply steer off southeastwards onto Grand River Parkway Two West, zip past traffic signals as they come into view while monitoring signage `speedway’ at junctions with State Highway Twelve also Battle Creek Road.

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Step 4 — Parking and Shuttle Service

Parking can be challenging during peak events, but MIS offers several parking options depending on your budget and preferences. General/Turn One lot (providing quick access to Turn one grandstands), North/Backstretch lots(utmost convenience for north end lovers) and Lot #10 open year round used by handicapped permit holders are good options available. From there shuttles run constantly taking you directly up into first entrance located near start-finish line!

In conclusion, attending a race at MIS Speedway is guaranteed to provide memories that will last a lifetime. By following this step-by-step guide to getting there, you can ensure that your experience is smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable from start to finish!

MIS Speedway FAQ: everything you need to know about this iconic venue

MIS (Michigan International Speedway) is a legendary racetrack located in Brooklyn, Michigan, USA. It’s known for hosting high-speed pursuits and has been the stage for some thrilling moments throughout its history.

But first things first, let’s get to know MIS on a deeper level by answering some of your most pressing questions about this iconic venue:

What kind of racing events does MIS host?

MIS is famous for showcasing NASCAR races including the Cup Series as well as IndyCar series like FireKeepers Casino 400. The track also hosts concerts, festivals and other entertainment events.

How long is MIS track?

The main oval track measures two miles in length with four turns banked at eighteen degrees each.

Is Michigan International Speedway making any changes before upcoming seasons?

Yes! Starting from the 2019 season – MIS introduced enhanced sound systems’ capabilities that make it possible to provide better quality music during races so you can hear every beat. They have also put an emphasis on improving traffic flow near their premier campgrounds.

Are there food and drink options available inside the venue?

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Absolutely! Whether it’s burgers or hot dogs that tantalize your taste buds, MIS offers numerous concessions stands around the stadium which offer different drinks & foods to suit everyone’s pallets.

Can I bring my own cooler into the speedway?

Of course! Your favorite snacks and beverages are welcome; provided they’re not alcoholic – given that alcohol consumption regulations within race premises may vary depending upon state laws where event takes place we suggest you check ahead if unsure..

Should I be concerned about shade during daytime hours when attending heats here?

Sitting amid direct sunlight can become uncomfortable over time but no need to worry at MIS – Most grandstand sections offer coverage under roofs and free sunscreen protection stations.. so just come prepared enought with layered clothing choices accordingto weather forecast!

Do they allow camping or RV-use onsite?

Certainly! With nearly ten thousand campsites on site, including small vehicle spaces to full-sized RVs – MIS’s accommodations are extensive. From tents to motorhomes with wifi connectivity and the comforts of modern life – they have got you covered!

Is there adequate parking?

MIS provides thousands of free parking spots for attendees allowing visitors easy access within walking distance from their respective sections.

All in all, Michigan International Speedway is an incredible venue that has evolved over time to cater to a broader audience than just motorsport oh-holics., so regardless if this place sounds interesting as racing enthusiast or family adventure we definitely recommend you checking it out at least once during your lifetime!

Exploring the surroundings of MIS Speedway: attractions and local hotspots

As a racing enthusiast or even if you just enjoy the thrill of speed, MIS Speedway is one destination that should be at the top of your list. Home to some of the most adrenaline-pumping NASCAR races in America, Michigan International Speedway has been drawing crowds for over 50 years now. However, while racing can definitely get your heart pumping and fill you up with excitement, there are plenty of other reasons why you’d want to explore the surroundings of this iconic venue.

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From picturesque parks and gardens to fantastic restaurants and vibrant shopping centers, let’s take a look at what attractions and local hotspots are worth checking out around MIS Speedway:

1. Hidden Lake Gardens – Just a short drive from the track lies one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets: Hidden Lake Gardens. This stunning botanical garden spans over 700 acres and is home to thousands of plant species from across the globe including beautiful orchids, exotic trees like Magnolias & Redwoods as well as peaceful walking trails around their serene reflective pools.

2. Irish Hills Antiques & Collectibles – If history fascinates you then take a visit to Irish Hills Antiques where time seems to stand still! A day spent browsing this unique collection could reveal treasures like vintage toys or antique furniture items that hold memories for many children growing up in those times!

3. Jerry’s Pub & Restaurant – Whether it’s before or after race-day events at MIS Speedway, make sure leaving without experiencing Jerry’s finest steaks along with live music will spoil your trip plan especially if your taste buds crave delicious gourmet burgers accompanied perfectly-grilled corns on cob.

4.Jackson County American Civil War Trail –If getting outside appeals more than dining-in head down westwards towards Jackson; which offers adventurous tourists access patriotic landmarks throughout America’s civil war trail sites such as present-day Waterloo Recreation Area (WRA) preserves significant historical marks regarding those epic battles fought beyond what we knew.

5. Ann Arbor Farmers Market – Located just 40 minutes away from MIS Speedway, the vibrant and picturesque farmers market in Ann Arbor is worth a visit too. An array of locally grown produce including fresh berries, tomatoes, honeycomb that are seasonally available right through their harvest across different vendor-stalls from delectable baked goods like buttery croissants to savory cheeses should satiate your palate while strolling indoors or outside observing local flair!

In conclusion, there’s much to experience when visiting MIS Speedway beyond the incredible racing events it hosts year-after-year. A great way to balance out a trip filled with race excitement pre-and-post event would be exploring Hanover Township & surrounding neighborhoods nearby whether you enjoy hiking trails at some well-preserved natural parks or immersing yourself in vintage collectibles! With lots on offer for history-buffs, foodies and those who cherish scenic beauty; experiencing all that we have discussed here will sure make one unforgettable journey!

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