Discovering the Best Location for Michigan International Speedway: A Guide for Racing Enthusiasts

Short answer location of michigan international speedway:

The Michigan International Speedway is located in Brooklyn, Michigan, United States. Specifically, it is situated on US Highway 12, approximately 70 miles west-southwest of Detroit and 43 miles south of Lansing in the Irish Hills area of southeastern Michigan.

How to Get to Michigan International Speedway: Directions and Tips

As one of the biggest and most renowned speedways in the U.S, Michigan International Speedway is a favorite destination for all racing enthusiasts and die-hard fans. The track has been around since 1968 and has hosted numerous thrilling races such as NASCAR Cup Series, IndyCar series, and ARCA Menards series.

If you’re planning to attend one of these events at MIS or just want to explore its vast premises during non-racing days, you need some guidance on how to get there easily. Fortunately, we’ve got your back! Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to get to Michigan International Speedway:


Michigan International Speedway is located in Brooklyn, Michigan – approximately 70 miles west-south-west of Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) – between Ann Arbor and Jackson. There are several ways to drive there depending on where you’re coming from. Below are some possible routes:

– From Detroit: Take I-94 W towards Chicago then exit at 142B (US-127 N/Jackson/Gd Ledge) toward Clare/Lansing.
– From Ann Arbor: Take US-23 S/Exit 35 toward Toledo; Merge onto M-14 W via Exit 41A toward Plymouth; Continue onto US-12 W/Michigan Ave through Saline into Clinton.
Stay straight until CHICAGO RD / OLD MICHIGAN AVE Turn left onto OLD STAGECOACH RD Turn right onto BROOKLYN HWY
Turn Left Onto FIRETHORN LN Follow Signs To Track Entrance
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1. Arrive early – On race day, traffic can be intense especially if you arrive late when everyone else is trying to find their way in too. You should plan for any potential delays like construction or accidents along the route that could prevent you from getting there on time. MIS recommends arriving at least two hours before the race start.

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2. Consider taking a shuttle – If you’re not confident in driving to MIS, or just want an easier and quicker way to get there, consider taking one of their recommended shuttles that operate from various locations across south-central Michigan. The shuttles have designated pick-up/drop-off points near the track and offer both one-way and round-trip services.

3. Parking – There are several parking areas around the racetrack with different fees depending on proximity to the tracks or amenities provided such as tent camping, RVs, reserved spaces etc.
It is always advisable to purchase your preferred parking spot online through their official website beforehand so you can avoid any last minute rush when all spots may have been taken.

4. Pack wisely! – To make your experience at MIS more comfortable on race day ensure that you pack enough water for hydration since it gets humid during summers at Michigan even though this year they are mostly limiting audience due to Covid-19 concerns.. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Way to the Michigan International Speedway

If you’re headed to the Michigan International Speedway for a NASCAR race or any other event, it’s easy to get lost in all the excitement. But fear not! We’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will make sure you arrive at your destination with ease.

Step 1: Determine Your Starting Point

Before hitting the road, decide on your starting point and map out your route. If you live nearby, this is simple enough; but if you’re coming from out of town, use an online mapping service like Google Maps or Waze to plot your course.

Step 2: Check Traffic Conditions and Plan Accordingly

Spend some time checking traffic conditions around the area of MIS before locking in your final directions. The last thing anyone wants is getting caught up in unexpected congestion minutes away from arriving!

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Step 3: Get off at Exit 142 off US-12/US-127 South and head west onto Brooklyn Rd/M-50.

Once inside Spring Arbor Township (Jackson County), look for signs pointing towards Route M-50 West/Brooklyn Road (Exit 142). Follow these as they lead into Stadium Drive until passing over Matthews Run Creek just east of Jackson city limits onto Brooklyn Road (also called M–50).

Step 4: Turn Right onto Rogers Road

After about two miles along Brooklyn Rd/M-50, turn right onto Rogers Road. You’ll see signs indicating where to turn—just be sure not to miss it!

Step 5: Enter the Pit & Paddock Gate

Continue following Rogers Rd until reaching its end by turning left where fans are invited via gate C—a popular pit-and-paddock entrance that leads straight into trackside parking areas near many corporate suites overshadowing start-finish line exits beneath champion banners hanging above stadium chairs filled nearly touching almost every available inch usually within seconds after stop-watches begin timing drivers speeding through infield walls during impromptu test runs.

Now that you’ve made it to the MIS parking lot and found a spot, enjoy all of the excitement and energy that comes with attending one of Michigan’s premier sporting events. And remember: if you ever get lost along the way, just look for signs directionally placed throughout surrounding roads!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Location of Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway is one of the most iconic and beloved racetracks in all of motorsports. Located in Brooklyn, Michigan, this 2-mile oval track has been the site of countless thrilling races that have left fans breathless and on the edge of their seats.

If you’re planning a trip to MIS or are simply curious about the location of this legendary speedway, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Michigan International Speedway to help you better understand its unique location and history.

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1. Where Is Michigan International Speedway Located?

As previously mentioned, Michigan International Speedway is located in Brooklyn, Michigan. Specifically, it’s situated just off US Highway 12 at 12626 U.S. Highway 12 Brooklyn MI, 49230.

2. Why Was The Location Chosen For This Racetrack?

The initial idea for building Michigan International Speedway was brought forth by Roger Penske as part of his plans to break ground on a new automobile assembly plant near Detroit back in the late-1960s.
Penske knew that he needed a large plot of land not too far from Detroit but still requiring plenty o space for different tracks he envisioned within his dream racecourse
After extensive scouting efforts across multiple states / regions; they ultimately settled upon Brooklyn due largely because acquiring land elsewhere would be substantially more expensive with locations like Sterling Heights proving vastly inhospitable compared to Irish Hills where there were rolling hills which offered exceptional viewing prospects and abundant natural beauty – hardly unnoticeable features flattering to fan attendance figures when racing began later down-the-road!

3. How Long Has MIS Been Around?

MIS first opened its doors June 15th ,1968 (and boasted then as the fastest track ever constructed standard criteria measuring around speedy oval design specifications)

4.Is It Easily Accessible By Fans All Across America And Beyond?
Absolutely! MIS’ central location makes it easily accessible from major cities in the Midwest and beyond, as it is situated just 90 minutes from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. It is also quite close to both Toledo & Fort Wayne (also home of a popular speedway)

5. Are There Hotels Nearby For Fans To Stay At?

Yes! MIS’s location means that fans have plenty of options when it comes to accommodations. Brooklyn itself has several hotels and resorts within easy driving distance of the track. Downtown Jackson (which is about 20 miles away) offers additional lodging choices.

Overall, Michigan International Speedway represents one of America’s most iconic racing venues – with some amazing features that make stand out amongst its peers such as circuit configuration / nature scenery surrounding it | so take time on your next trip through Midwestern America possibly stopping by for an action packed weekend !

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