Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2023: What to Expect

Short answer bristol motor speedway nascar 2022:

Bristol Motor Speedway, located in Tennessee, will host two NASCAR Cup Series races in 2022. The first race is scheduled for April 17th and the second race is set for September 17th. Both races are anticipated to attract large crowds and showcase top-performing drivers competing at high speeds on the .533-mile track.

What to Expect from Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you getting ready to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in NASCAR 2022 at Bristol Motor Speedway? Bristol Motor Speedway is known for its high-banked half-mile concrete oval and has long been a fan-favorite destination. Nestled in the rolling hills of Tennessee, this 160,000-seat stadium offers a unique racing experience that is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Let’s dive into what you can expect from Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022. First off, the track will be hosting two national series races: the Food City Dirt Race on March 27th and the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race on September 17th-18th. The Dirt Race will feature stock cars racing on dirt for the first time since 1970 and is expected to draw a large crowd.

The second thing to expect from Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 is intense racing that will keep you at the edge of your seat. With a steeply banked track, drivers reach speeds up to 150 mph while navigating tight turns and rubbing fenders with their competitors. The close-quarter racing creates some thrilling moments as drivers jostle for position – it’s not uncommon for tempers to flare!

Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR fans love bringing their RVs or camping gear to camp out in nearby lots with fellow aficionados during race weekends – don’t hesitate to join in! It’s part of what makes attending this event such fun: bonding with fellow enthusiasts under an electric atmosphere fueled by revving engines and screaming crowds.

In addition to incredible on-track action, there are other live attractions worth mentioning during Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR events too: concerts, vendor displays featuring unique car parts and memorabilia, meet-and-greet sessions with famous drivers, tailgate parties galore… The list goes on!

Lastly but not leastly, safety is always at the forefront while attending any event at Bristol Motor Speedway – get ready for masks, social distancing guidelines, and temperature checks designed to protect everyone in attendance. The speedway provides ample parking lots that ensure easy access for both fans driving in and those taking advantage of shuttles.

In conclusion, what can you expect from Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022? An unforgettable experience that will get your heart racing with excitement, pulse-pumping thrills on track, live entertainment off of it, all while surrounded by dedicated fellow racing fans under the beautiful Tennessee sky. Get ready to put yourself in racing mode and join the crowd of roaring engines and cheering spectators!

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Attending Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022

Are you ready to experience the thrill of NASCAR racing at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2022? The excitement is almost palpable as fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming event. But before you pack your bags and head out to the track, make sure you’re fully equipped with everything you need to have an unforgettable experience. That’s where this ultimate step-by-step guide comes in handy!

Step 1: Choose Your Tickets

The first step to attending Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 is selecting your tickets. There are various ticket options available, including single day passes, weekend packages, and VIP experiences. Make sure to carefully review all of your options and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Step 2: Plan Your Accommodations

Bristol Motor Speedway is located in a beautiful area of Tennessee, surrounded by picturesque mountains and valleys. However, with its popularity among racing fans nationwide, securing accommodations early on can be challenging. Consider booking a hotel or rental property well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Step 3: Get There Early

On race day, plan on arriving at Bristol Motor Speedway early enough for any necessary security checks and parking arrangements. For many fans, tailgating is a beloved part of the NASCAR experience; arrive early and take advantage of the time to gear up for an exciting day ahead.

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Step 4: Stay Hydrated & Protected

With temperatures often soaring during race weekends at Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR events, staying hydrated should be a top priority throughout your visit. Pack plenty of water bottles or fill up from one of many hydration stations located throughout the venue – don’t forget sunscreen protection too!

Step 5: Have Fun & Be Loud!

Once you have settled into your seat at Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR event be ready to cheer on your favorite drivers! Don’t worry if it’s your first time watching this competition live- cheering along with other fans will give you the lay of the land. This is a time to let loose, have fun, and experience one of the most exciting events that racing has to offer!

Attending Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 is all about embracing the thrill of high-speed action, immersing yourself in the culture of motorsport, and having an unforgettable experience with other like-minded fans. Follow our guide and make sure you’re adequately prepared for what’s sure to be one of the most thrilling races ever witnessed!

Top FAQs Answered about Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 You Need to Know

As we gear up for the highly anticipated Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 event, fans across the globe are eagerly awaiting the chance to witness this thrilling spectacle. Amidst all the excitement, it is only natural to have certain questions and concerns regarding this massive event. In this blog post, we aim to answer some of the top FAQs surrounding Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 that you need to know as a fan.

1. When is Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 happening?

The exciting races at Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 will take place from April 15-17 in Bristol, Tennessee.

2. What kind of races can we expect at Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022?

Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 will host two exhilarating races: Xfinity Series Race on Saturday (April 16), and Cup Series Race on Sunday (April 17).

3. How many people can attend the event amidst COVID-19 concerns?

As of now, there are no confirmed attendance figures for spectators due to ongoing pandemic concerns. However, officials have reassured fans that safety protocols will be strictly enforced.

4. Are there any vaccine requirements for attendees of Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022?

Currently, there are no confirmed vaccine requirements for attendees; however, all guests must comply with mandatory health screenings and adhere to mask mandates as outlined by officials.

5. What measures have been taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all fans attending Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022?

Event organizers have implemented strict health guidelines that include advanced cleaning procedures before and after each race day, enforceable mask mandates for guests aged two and above while in indoor spaces or crowded outdoor locations where social distancing isn’t possible—the installation of additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue.

6. How can I purchase tickets for Bristol Motor Speedway NACAR 2022?

Tickets sales typically begin several months in advance of the races and can be purchased online through various channels, including the official Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR website.

7. What activities can fans expect to enjoy during their visit to Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022?

Guests at Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 can enjoy a full lineup of exciting and entertaining activities throughout race weekend, including driver meet-and-greets, live music performances, interactive fan experiences, as well as numerous vendor booths featuring merchandise from your favorite brands and drivers.

In conclusion, attending the highly anticipated Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 is an experience like no other for racing enthusiasts worldwide. By adhering to strict safety protocols as implemented by event organizers and knowing all the pertinent facts surrounding this spectacle, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable time watching your favorite racers take on one of America’s most iconic tracks.

Experience the Thrill of Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022: The Only Guide You’ll Need

If you’re a NASCAR fan, or just love fast cars and heart-racing excitement, then the Bristol Motor Speedway should be on your bucket list for 2022. Located in beautiful Bristol, Tennessee, this iconic track has been thrilling racing fans for over 60 years with its unique oval shape and high-banked turns.

But experiencing the thrill of the Bristol Motor Speedway isn’t just about showing up on race day. To truly appreciate all that this legendary track has to offer, you’ll need to plan ahead and do some research. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to experiencing the thrill of Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022.

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Getting There

The first thing you’ll want to consider when planning your trip to Bristol is how you’re going to get there. Whether you’re driving or flying, it’s important to budget enough time and money for travel expenses.

If you’re driving from out of town, keep in mind that parking can be a challenge on race day. It’s recommended that you arrive at least 3-4 hours before the start of the race in order to find a good parking spot and ensure that you have enough time for pre-race activities.


Next up: tickets! You can’t experience NASCAR racing at Bristol without them. Depending on what type of experience you’re looking for, there are multiple options available:

– General Admission: This ticket gets you access to the race itself and general admission seating around the track.
– Premium Seating: If you want a better view of all the action, consider opting for premium seating like club-level or box seats.
– VIP Packages: For an all-inclusive experience with food, drinks, and other perks included, look into VIP packages offered by either Speedway Motorsports or individual team sponsors.


Once your travel plans are sorted out and your tickets are secured, it’s time to think about where you’ll be staying. Bristol offers a range of lodging options, from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious vacation homes.

If you’re looking to stay close to the action at Bristol Motor Speedway, consider booking one of the track’s on-site camping spots. These range from basic tent sites to full RV hookups with electrical and water amenities.

Food & Drinks

Of course, no NASCAR experience would be complete without some good eats and drinks. At Bristol Motor Speedway, you’ll find a wide variety of food and beverage options scattered throughout the venue.

If you’re looking for classic race-day fare like hot dogs and burgers, there are plenty of concession stands available. But if you want something a little more substantial or unique, you can also find vendors serving up BBQ sandwiches, loaded fries, and even sushi!

Entertainment & Activities

Finally, don’t forget about all the entertainment options available at Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022. Before and after the race itself, there are plenty of activities to keep fans entertained:

– Driver Appearances: Get up close and personal with your favorite drivers during scheduled autograph sessions.
– Vendor Exhibitions: Browse through racing merchandise or check out displays from team sponsors.
– Fan Zone: Enjoy live bands and other musical acts or test your skills on interactive games like human foosball or arcade games!

Ready to Experience the Thrill of Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022?

Whether you’re a seasoned NASCAR fan or just looking for an unforgettable thrill ride in 2022, a trip to Bristol Motor Speedway should definitely be on your radar. Just remember: plan ahead for travel and tickets, book accommodations early if possible (especially those coveted on-site camping spots!), prepare for some delicious eats and drinks during your visit…and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022: What Makes It a Must-See Event for Racing Fans?

The Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 event is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated races in the world of motor sports. Racing fans from across the globe have been eagerly waiting for this event, and for good reason.

If you’re a racing fan, you probably already know that Bristol Motor Speedway is one of the most iconic tracks on the NASCAR circuit. It’s known for its high banked turns, short track style, and often referred to as “The Last Great Coliseum”. But what makes this year’s race so special? Here are some reasons why any racing enthusiast should be excited to see the action unfold at Bristol:

1. The first night race of the season

One of the highlights of any race season is when drivers take to the track under lights. This brings an additional level of excitement to an already thrilling sport. This year’s Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR race is set to be a night race, making it even more electrifying.

2. The All-Star Race

For those unfamiliar with NASCAR, The All-Star Race has always been an important event on the calendar with its unique format and massive prize money on offer – a cool million dollars! It’s considered an exhibition event where only qualified elite drivers compete over multiple stages but no points are awarded towards standings. However this year’s format seems to take things up another level introducing a number of variations such as mandatory pit stops and choose cone options so there will be plenty for fans to look out for between June 13th -14th.

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3. Grandstands Full Capacity

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted motorsports greatly last year with empty grandstands dulling some events’ atmosphere worldwide. Thankfully, following restrictions being relaxed in certain states earlier than hoped for plus vaccinations improving around America there has recently been a positive trend towards fans returning en masse finally back at their beloved Grandstands cheering on their heros – something that was missed both by racers unaccustomed to running without the roar of supporters, and fans themselves who love to witness live this attractive, adrenaline-fuelled spectacle first-hand.

4. High-Stakes Racing

There are a number of factors that make Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 such a high-stakes race. Firstly, it’s taking place in the middle of the season, which means that there will be a lot at stake for drivers looking to gain points in the championship standings. Additionally, Bristol is known for its short track style, which often leads to exciting and unpredictable racing. This means that anything can happen on race day, with unexpected twists and turns adding extra excitement.

5. The Calibre of Drivers Participating

The annual Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR race always features some of the best drivers in the world competing against each other on one of the most challenging tracks on the circuit. With such a strong line-up, fans can expect to see high-quality racing from start to finish.

If all these reasons don’t get you excited enough about the upcoming Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR 2022 event, then we don’t know what will! Plan early train/bus/plane bookings accordingly as hotels around Bristol tend to book out way before race weekend starts – otherwise tune in and enjoy another awesome addition to America’s rich motorsport heritage!

The History and Evolution of Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR: What’s New for the 2022 Season?

For decades, Bristol Motor Speedway has been known as the world’s fastest half-mile track, attracting die-hard racing fans from all over the globe. Its steep banking and short distance make for one of the most thrilling race experiences in NASCAR history. But how did this iconic venue come to be, and what can we expect in the upcoming 2022 season? Come along with us as we delve into the rich history and evolution of Bristol Motor Speedway.

Established in 1961, Bristol Motor Speedway was built on top of an old dairy farm owned by Larry Carrier. The track’s first race took place on July 30th of that year, featuring a grand total prize purse of ,000. Over time, the speedway grew in popularity among NASCAR drivers and fans alike – thanks to its unique layout that requires constant driver attention and skill.

During its early days, Bristol underwent several major renovations that helped improve spectator experience while also increasing seating capacity. These included adding lights for evening races in 1978 and installing SAFER barriers around much of the track following Dale Earnhardt’s fatal crash at Daytona International Speedway in 2001.

One significant moment in Bristol Motor Speedway’s history occurred during the spring race weekend in 2014 – dubbed “The Last Great Colosseum.” During that weekend’s Nationwide series race, Joey Logano famously got into a physical altercation with fellow driver Morgan Shepherd after a collision on the track. This event became emblematic of not just NASCAR’s hard-pounding action but also showcased the tight quarters that often lead to frustrated competitors whose tempers reach boiling point as they fight tightly packed ranks chasing similar goals.

As far as competition goes, you won’t find much more exciting than a trip to Bristol Motor Speedway. The famous “bump-and-run” move is not only accepted but encouraged on this notorious half-mile oval; drivers use any means necessary to gain an advantage over their opponents. Legends like Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt Sr., and Darrell Waltrip have all tasted victory here in the past, cementing Bristol’s place as one of America’s most beloved and treasured NASCAR tracks.

Looking forward to 2022, fans can expect many notable changes coming to Bristol Motor Speedway. One major development is a complete track-surface overhaul; after 22 years of use, the old concrete surface will be removed and replaced with progressive banking designed to increase driver grip while also reducing tire wear.

Another change planned for the track in 2022 is the implementation of a new high-tech scoring pylon that will feature multiple LED screens capable of displaying live statistics, graphics, and other critical data throughout race weekends. This cutting-edge technology will improve the fan experience immensely while also providing drivers with more real-time information regarding their performance.

In conclusion, Bristol Motor Speedway stands out as not just an iconic NASCAR venue but a representation of America’s passion for racing. Through its history and evolution over the years – from its early days as Larry Carrier’s dairy farm to becoming one of NASCAR’s most beloved tracks – Bristol has consistently delivered heart-pumping racing action that leaves fans begging for more. With its upcoming updates and advancements in 2022, we can’t wait to see what kind of thrills and excitement this legendary half-mile oval has in store for us next!

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